Novak Djokovic


I will give the independent panel some slack.

But fuck the cunt!
That’s the get out for them…… “On the evidence presented” with no obligation to question, let alone check or verify it?

Looks, smells, sounds like a set up deliberately left till the last minute to minimise outcry….. Stink!

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The visa of Novak Djokovic has been cancelled by Australian Border Force.

The Serbian has been detained at Melbourne Airport this morning for more than seven hours and is now facing the prospect of being asked to board a plane and leave Australia.

It is understood Djokovic may appeal the decision in court.


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Anti vaxxer fuckwit. Good job border force. Hopefully Serbia will retaliate and stop their only export to Australia. Serbians. 

We have more than enough wogs here already.



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Lock that entitled dipshit and his entourage down for at least two weeks of quarantine on his own dollar. If the lot happens to test negative after that, send them home (wherever that may be) on his own dollar. Then send a bill.

I have exactly zero sympathy for arseholes like him, regardless of their sport, be it tennis, cricket, football, soccer or fucking sailing.

Fuck 'em.


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It should never have come to this.  

It should have panned out one of two ways,

(1) no visa in the first place or

(2) a border exemption for major event. Given that the premiers throughout the border closure period have been more than happy to allow movie stars and sportsmen come and go, he should have been given an exemption and be in hotel quarantine for the next 2 weeks.

Now we just look stupid again on the international stage.

Dan should have worked with the Feds to have the event exemption in place and Scomo should never have allowed/encouraged/ordered this cowardly flipflop.


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