Now that Musk owns Twitter


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We're looking for hoaxes, not theories.
It's funny..... it took me all of 30 seconds reading about your "Covington hoax" to decipher that there was no hoax - just some bad reporting caused by a viral video inflated by anonymous bot accounts. Stay away from the Wikipedia page though. It might pop your little doggy sized bubble.


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It's pretty bad when Wikipedia has an entire page just devoted to 42 (the answer to everything) of the Republican hoaxes. But here we are.

I'm not even going to bother addressing that tedious gossipy list you made that doesn't represent reality.

I find it oddly compelling when doggy doo doo gets his faced rubbed in his own excrement.
We are going to need a new page with a list that Elron is promoting.

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I sure hope Mr Clean recognizes a lifetime opportunity and applies with the new Tweeter , of course he would have to be hired , maybe that’s why he would not apply.
Tweeter will go public again, that’s where the HUGE money is made. It will be nothing like it has been, when combined with StarLink and crypto blockchains it will become the single most transformative company in the world.
See …. Clean … these are future millionaires
The liberated Tweeter techies


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