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Cops tend to be Republican because the Democrats have gone to war against them. How's that working out?
Yeah the phrase “Defund the police” was terrible. I hope whomever dreamed that up got fired.

But given the numbers of cops taking part in Jan 6, or supporting those who did, I think the battle was joined from the other side as well.

Cops, with their arrest powers and weaponry mixed with a healthy dose of historical racist attitudes, frequently find themselves at odds with both the ACLU and Southern Policy Law Center, two institutions I support financially.

Losing their votes may be the consequence of bringing a diverse set of concerns and people to the table, but I’m not about to apologize for standing up to forces of authoritarianism.

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The big issue that Twitter is attempting to address is the narrative concentration emanating from liberal coastal elite media

in the past twenty years 1500 small town and regional newspapers have folded…thousands of reporters , editors gone

they have been replaced by this liberal coastal elite monster

this must be challenged
Hmmmm. Sounds like you think there should be some controls put in place. You know, to protect small businesses from behemoths.

That's kinda the opposite of the "free market" your team claims is always the answer.

Don't worry. We won't tell your teammates.


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It requires a little independent thought and the application of logic. Do you need someone else to do the thinking for you?

I do. That, in fact, is what an argument is, a logical sequence with evidence/warrants for its claims. Yes, we do want you to show your thinking and back up your claims. We'll verify your logic and evidence.


Twitter is fucked today. I'm getting about 12 posts on my feed, with empty black space above and below. Maybe someone unplugged the mainboard.

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Out of most posters on this forum, you consistently attack law enforcement more than any other

Maybe, if you consider actions like falsifying an email to mislead the court into issuing a warrant to spy on a presidential campaign to be "law enforcement".