Now that Musk owns Twitter

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"Interfering" is your label.

I support our elected officials doing what they can, within the law, to assure things like a rail strike be avoided, if possible.

Are they acting illegally?
You answered a question with a question which is something you don't like.


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Biden and Congress 'interfering' in the rail strike is definitely legal.

Why does Congress have the power to solve the matter?
The short answer is, because of a combination of the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the Constitution.​
The RLA was passed into law almost 100 years ago, in 1926. The genesis of the law, in turn, reaches back into the latter half of the 19th century. Basically, at that time it was widely recognized that the railroads were so essential to the nation’s life that strikes could not be countenanced.​
It therefore provided for arbitration measures, “cooling-off” periods when strikes would not be permitted and other measures.​
In addition, as the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service recently noted: “Article I, Section 8, clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution states that the Congress shall have power “[t]o regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.’”​
The Congressional Research Service added that, “In 1917, the Supreme Court confirmed that Congress has the authority to intervene in rail labor disputes that threaten to disrupt interstate commerce.”​

The fact that 8 of 12 unions ratified the offer tells me it's pretty close to a good deal. So I support Biden+Congress preventing the Dec 8 strike.

BTW, it is not correct to say that Biden+House are just preventing the strike. The House bills included an additional week of paid sick leave (which was opposed by the Republicans).


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Europe is a bit more constrained in their views of hate speech, given it's successful history there.
If there is no legal basis for interfering the government should stay out of it. Do you support the Biden Administration and congress interfering in the rail workers negotiations?
How is the US gov't getting involved in the Twitter vs Apple shitfight, other than RWNJ saber-rattling (you know, the guys who say they are for small gov't)

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Musk says Twitter has interfered with elections. Would it be ok with you guys if Twitter continues to interfere with elections?


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Musk says Twitter has interfered with elections. Would it be ok with you guys if Twitter continues to interfere with elections?

Nope, If true, the platform should be 'arrested' and deactivated as a threat to democracy. No compensation to shareholders, officers or owners. Musk bought the liability.

Full disclosure, FB also enabled election interference from Russia. I'm OK of they receive the same treatment. Trump was the beneficiary. Unfortunately we can't banish him. I'm willing to tow him outside the environment.

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