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Chip butty is second only to the true bacon butty. The ultimate breakfast on the rail offshore. Mmmmm....


Ease the sheet.

ignoring stupid people is easy
Yeah. Spent time in that world too. Lots of stick insects who have unhealthy relationships with food. It’s like a reverse spiral dive of obsessive compulsions. Fortunately, I lacked both the talent and the genetics to become a 5.13-chasing spider, so i just stuck to hauling my fat ass and beer belly up trad classics. Nothing like a pint and chip butty to fuel up 🤘
Climbing was a weekend away with mates, cheap reds and bbq.

The serious, obsessive climbers were... different.


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So far the portion size cutback is going pretty much okay, for the first time ever I was actually shopping for smaller russets & modest pork chops (not really the cut that I wanted, was looking for shoulder blade, I used to buy 2!).

This evening I prepared pan fried quarter pound hot dogs (Hebrew Nationals, YUM!) with sauteed onions, relish, mustard, grated cheese & a little crumbled bacon, served with raw broccoli, baby carrots & ranch dip.

If that sounds bad bear in mind the last time I served that meal it was 2 of those dogs, I have never been the type that gets in twist about fat in my diet & in fact it's my firm belief that the demonization of that sort of thing is a conspiracy by "big sugar" (see also: "Adam Ruins Everything" on the subject of dieting/weight loss).

The next thing I need to work on is snacking habits, I'm trying hard to limit myself to a single meal per day, bit of a fail today because I bought some Fritos & scarfed some in the afternoon & again late in evening while I was getting my TOONAMI on.

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I read somewhere today that while you're omnivores, meat used to have to have been killed on the hoof so it was unusual, if preferred fare. Most of the time, the early folks grubbed what seeds and stems were around. The thinking is meat signals the brain to eat all ya can to stock up the nutrition while you can. When eating veggies, it's quite possible the brain reads that as time to cut back and conserve. You're less hungry less often. And reality is one can go weeks without food.


The answer is an 18 pack a day with a dog trained to bring beer and brussels sprouts.

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Went sailing for 2 weeks and lost 6 lbs. Down 8 as of today.

Go sailing folks.

You get more exercise, get to bed earlier and it's hard to run to the convenience store for late night snacks or visit fast food places.


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Back in the day, the day before a climb we made sure to eat that brown wheat pasta, oatmeal, poached eggs or a western Omelet, bananas. The day of the climb, a cheese and onion omelet, oatmeal, bananas, cottage cheese, a couple fresh jalapenos or serrranos chilis to keep the sinuses clear.







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The ascent rock climbing could be a thrill, the descent though thrilling, too, could be equally terrifying. The descent of the Brothers above the Valley of Silent Men, when a friend refused to ascend or descend and I had to climb over and below him to guide his descent back in about '84, convinced me I didn't need to be doing any vertical rock climbing after that experience. Though I still both mountain climbed and rock climbed most all the major peaks in the Eastern and Southern Olympics in the most safe prudent manner, till about six years ago, and never the honeymoon routes.

We did get a bit of a unique experience rock climbing in the Aleutians on Adak in Horseshoe Cove, which had plenty of challenging chimneys as well as a mostly vertical climbing rock called Castle Rock. However Castle Rock was not for the novice climber, as a young Lt. JG fell to his death, desending Castle Rock.

Top image of myself and another Seabee from Montana, Engineering Aid 3rd Class Stuart Larsen atop Castle Rock. Various views of Horseshoe Cove, Castle Rock and the Basalt Chimneys above Horseshoe cove, and myself after a climb 50 years ago, above a chimney above Horseshoe Cove.


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