Ockam system trouble


I am diagnosing and tring to repair the instruments on a sea scout boat.

The system is an old Ockham z80 based system. ( gray box, switch for power and switch for lights. BNC connector to the bus. - if this does not ring any bells thanks for looking but you can move on)

Boat speed went out along with mast head wind. On this leg of the bus there is also the compass which is working fine along with an old mayapple which is working so the physical layer seems ok. Also get info from the gps - sog cog dtw etc so the box is processing some data.

Checked the paddle wheel and get voltage delivered to the speed interface

Disconnected the speed interface and that did not generate an error

Disconnected the wind interface and it detected the interface was missing. Likewise with the compass interface and the gps.

No speed (bs)

No apparent wind direction

No apparent wind speed

No heel

Any one have any ideas? I may try to test the boat speed indicator on a different boat but I am betting it will work





This stuff is surprisingly bulletproof with a tiny bit of care and feeding.

Problems are often bad coax or connectors between the CPU or bus and the speed/wind interfaces. As you've probably already done. isolate both ends of the cable(s) and check for continuity (and shorting). Even cable with continuity can be corroded enough to interfere.

At the risk of stating the obvious, try swapping the speed interface to the coax going to the wind interface. Since the CPU saw the wind unit, does it now see the speed interface?

You said the heel sensor doesn't work. Does the CPU see the heel sensor, or does it simply not respond when you rock the interface? I've had my heel sensor get stuck inside the interface. Open the unit and check carefully that the rocker weight moves freely)

If the CPU still doesn't see the speed interface, prob need to send the interface(s) to Ockam for check.

Just cause this stuff is old, doesn't mean its obsolete functionally ours is 25+ yrs old and going strong.


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