OK Cruisers, what boat do you have?

DB Cooper

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I figured I should post another shot of my Swede - it's been awhile. This was taken yesterday on Lake Champlain. I was single handing the boat. Blowing 17-30. I should have had the #3 up. As it was the genoa lead was too far forward - it got fixed on the next tack.
Swedes are so beautiful. No mistaking. They have caught my eyes, and stopped me in my steps for decades. This is a beautiful photo. This a 'bucket boat'.


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Teakerne Arm, BC --- we're probably in about 60' of water. Drop the hook at ~90' and back into position, then run a stern line to shore. This is before we refit the boat with new decks, topsides, standing rigging, etc. - but it's the best picture I have of the boat at anchor.


Tim Barnett design, built by John Lidgard in NZ in '87

WW, that is a great looking boat! What is the layout like down below? You keep her at Shileshole?
Actually keep her at Elliott Bay Marina - we do the summer Thursdays every week, and Shilshole is another 20+ minutes away from where I live....

Yeah we do Thursdays also. We were at Elliot Bay for awhile. Didn't like it. Causeways too narrow. Any sort of a blow and you are screwed.
Yep - they are really narrow. Someone told me that "standard" for marina alleys is that they be 1.5X the slip length - Elliott Bay is 1.1X. I can't come out of my slip and make the turn - I have to back down every time. We are way in close to shore and coming in when it's blowing 25kn and trying to make a perfect turn (once) to get into the slip is definitely a cotton mouth moment - even after being in the same slip for more than 10 years. I've had to bail out a couple of times when it was piping and my turn wasn't quite right. I think it would be really tough with a full keel boat. It's the one thing that would get me to leave for Shilshole....everything else about the marina is great.




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Pretty funny about the "gay test". I have to say that after looking at boats and working on them for a lot of years I tend to look at a lot of details that probably don't matter to most folks.
Here a test that is a bit more apropo




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1982 Albin Cumulus




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Great design, used to race on one called "sunjammer" out of Dana Point. Built in Japan too. Would kill for a chance to get my hands on it.
Hey nice to hear about this boat, Hull #2. I own it now, recently finishing a refit. Even have the old IOR certificate. Found out it used to be called Sunjammer via old wiring diagram papers. I would really enjoy talking with you about it's racing history!

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2009 Chris White Atlantic 57. Sorry no 'external' spinnaker shots. Yet. Been living aboard full time for 3+ years, have sailed her about 15,000 miles between Newfoundland and Grenada. Last summer we sailed Antigua to Eastport ME in 8 days, 9 knot average with 3 people onboard.

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