Ok shoot, what is wrong with this boat?


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Hello fellow sailers,

Every year the yards push out their best and newest boats out of the shed.
In the latest european yacht of the year edition 2022 election, these boats are tested.

5 categories are provided with a winner as always:


Luxury Cruiser – Hallberg-Rassy 50 – Price ex VAT approx €1.3m

Blue Water Cruiser – Outremer 55 catamaran – Price ex VAT €1.35m

Family Cruisers – THanse 460 – Price ex VAT €270,900

Performance Yachts – JPK 39 FC – Price ex VAT €205,100

Special Yachts Category - Saffier SE 33 LIFE - Price ex VAT €

I befriended with family Hennevanger who designs and build these beauties so no bad words from me.
Saffier daysallers



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The pea soup green cushions.

 price! Jeezuss 200 grand for a biggish daysailer?
This cushions you mean, haha: 
Saffier SE 33 LIFE.png

And you are right about the price; it's a lot of money.

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And the people with the coin think yacht clubs and racing are full of dickheads  and they are right.

Funny how sailing is going back to where it began, sailing for fun with family and friends.



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It is a very good design, also seems to pack a punch for a daysailer.

It is in my view the only deserved award this year. I love how they designed the cockpit and stole the Hallberg trademark windscreen and integrated it way better than the Swedes. Saffier will make them look very old in the not too distant future.



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OneWorldSailing said:
Strongly agree with both points.

But how many families have the ability to buy a $200K boat plus the monthly expenses including insurance, slip and winter storage?
You'll be amazed. Big farmers who want to be modern. Business men trading in bikes making a a small fortune.
contractors, expats... Big money to spent on a fast not very difficult to sail modern boat.

@MatagiI like the ways she surfs. That's great, real great.

 Notice the passenger to windward bracing herself awkwardly on the sun pad cushion so as not to fall across the cushions and smash into the far rail.  As is the case with many of the current “euro-look” boats, the designers assume that the boat will either never heel more than 5 degrees or that all passengers will enjoy hanging by their fingernails because there’s no built-in bracing for passengers.



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WTF would you design a boat without a step out stern? This is a day sailer.  Go out, take a swim... But no open stern or swim ladder.  Can't step out the back onto a dock.


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