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Now that the Nationals are complete, it is time to get back to promoting the NAC's. We are expecting a great turn out, with several crews trailering in.

The George Olson Memorial Trophy is being created as I write. This is going to be a special trophy, one that you will surely want to get your name on!

The event will be held in conjunction with CORK, August 27-30. Thursday will see the middle distance race, which will be a 30-35 mile course around Kingston harbour and its islands, providing for lots of strategic possibilities. Friday through Sunday will see course racing on Kingston's world class circles. CORK has professional race management with excellent PRO's and more than enough support craft and competent personnel to ensure excellent racing. I would like to thank the CORK management for amending the NOR to reflect the our wishes (distance race non-discardable, 10 course races, max 4/day) . Please view the updated NOR HERE

If you would like to compete, but do not have the ability to get your boat here, let us know! There is one boat available for charter.

We do have a limited number of billet beds available. If you would rather stay in a hotel or university residence, check out THIS SITE

Please note that in order to qualify to compete in the NAC's, you do need to be a member of the National Association. Complete THIS FORM or email your pertinent info to Aaron Feves. I believe you can paypal your fees to him as well.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions.




Alright then...lets try again...





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I still wish we were attending....

On a side note... There is an Olson 30 for sale in Toledo that is not being represented well in recent ads.

LINKY---> http://www.sailingtexas.com/solson30104.html

The hull on this boat is immaculate... absolutely beautiful, original, and looks barely sailed.... kinda like grandma's buick.

But before anyone takes the trip to inspect this boat, The rig is bent and the double spreader rig is a boatowner installed job. PM me for questions, flames and/or photos.



Frustrating day for most with the long distance race. The PRO wisely decided to go with the short option, which was a 27 mile race with a five mile exit from the Kingston Harbour, a 18 mile triangle counter-clockwise in the lake, followed by a 4 mile return into the harbour. Winds were light and oscillating around 90 degrees until the south-west corner of the triangle, when it finally settled into a light southwest breeze. Fortunately, the PRO shortened the course at the north corner of the triangle so all boats would finish before the 7pm curfew.

As this race is non-discardable for our NAC scoring, the PRO was nice enough to give the O30's the first start. At least we would not have to deal with bad air from larger boats! The following starts were actually postponed, which gave us even more breathing room.

With the shifts and general lightness of the day, pretty much every boat enjoyed the lead at one time or another. After a few miles of racing, Bruce Rand on O'Naturel enjoyed a very large lead, but discovered a couple of big holes that the rest of the fleet sailed around. It is very nice having a trailblazer in these conditions! Gary Gochal with Slice was the first to pounce, then found a hole of his own. By the time we got to the southwest corner of the triangle, yours truly was able to slip into the lead, with Ben Rotteveel on Ritalin two minutes behind.

After that corner, it was pretty much a procession with few if any passing lanes, even with the few wind holes that appeared. On Old School, we maxed out at 6.8 knots on a tight spin reach back to the shortened finish line. We finished around 5:30 pm, making for a long day of bobbing around.

The top three for today's race are :

1) Old School Mundle

2) Ritalin Rotteveel

3) O'ffliction Wilby

Tomorrow is calling for 8-10 knots from the ESE. This should prove interesting, as it is a very uncommon direction for this location, so local knowledge will not influence the results much. We hope to get four races in. After seven course races, we will have our one and only drop.



Ugh. I hurt. Very lumpy, short period, pointy wind-waves that just pounded us on port tack. Unfortunately, port tack was favored for most of the day on Friday. Very mixed up results, with Rand on O'Naturel rising to the top. Wreaking Havoc broke its boom in the first race, rushed to shore, welded it back together, and stormed back to take first and second in the third and fourth races of the day.

Interim results at www.cork.org/results2009.html



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Ugh. I hurt. Very lumpy, short period, pointy wind-waves that just pounded us on port tack. Unfortunately, port tack was favored for most of the day on Friday. Very mixed up results, with Rand on O'Naturel rising to the top. Wreaking Havoc broke its boom in the first race, rushed to shore, welded it back together, and stormed back to take first and second in the third and fourth races of the day.
Interim results at www.cork.org/results2009.html
Unfortunately that link doesn't work too well (Flash or java or something...all the results for all the classes have that URL). Here are the standings (formatting be damned):

Sailed: 5, Discards: 0, To count: 5, Ratings: PHRFTOT, Entries: 8, Scoring system: Appendix A

Rank Boat Class SailNo Club Skipper Rating Distance D1-1 D1-2 D1-3 D1-4 Total Nett

1st O'Naturel OLSON 30 38875 CBYC Bruce Rand 108 49.2 55.8 91.2 92.6 67.1 355.9 355.9

2nd O'ffliction OLSON 30 246 CBYC David Wilby 108 62.1 92.6 36.3 67.1 33.1 291.2 291.2

3rd Old School OLSON 30 43211 CBYC Scot Mundle 108 91.2 44.5 49.2 44.5 55.8 285.2 285.2

4th Slice OLSON 30 32942 RARITAN YC Gary Gochal 108 36.3 78.4 75.1 55.8 21.8 267.4 267.4

5th Investors Group OLSON 30 6 CBYC John Giles 108 10.5 67.1 62.1 21.8 44.5 206.0 206.0

6th Wreaking Havoc OLSON 30 18186 BYC John Osborn 108 23.4 10.5 DNF 0.0 DNC 78.4 78.4 190.7 190.7

7th ritalin OLSON 30 41742 CBYC ben rotteveel 108 75.1 33.1 10.5 33.1 10.5 162.3 162.3

8th The Bad Dog OLSON 30 53251 CYC Scott MacDonald 108 0.0 DNC 21.8 23.4 10.5 92.6 148.3 148.3



Mo betta today. We had a two hour delay on shore to let some thunderstorms roll through, then got in three great races. Winds were from the south and quite gusty as the wind was coming over Simcoe Island. Up to low 20's in the puffs, and around 15 in the lulls with relatively flat water made for a tough choice between the #2 and #3's, with the fleet pretty much split on the decision. At the windward mark, neither choice proved to be hugely favored.

Wreaking Havoc is pretty much untouchable when she is in the groove. Consistently quick and smart. Unfortunately, Slice carved a chunk of of Havoc's port quarter in a P-S episode in the first beat of the second race. The impact was at pretty much full speed, as Slice was unable to get her genoa sheet uncleated. The powered up #2 would not allow her to bear away enough, even with her mainsheet off. The impact was heard by our boat, which was about 80 yards ahead (we were enjoying our only decent start of the regatta). Havoc unwrapped herself from Slice, then proceeded to win the race....hmm...

Unfortunately, in the third race, Wreaking Havoc had to drop out with a serious medical issue on board. The mark boat rushed the person to shore where an ambulance was waiting. He was admitted hospital minutes later, and reports are coming back that he is okay and should recover pretty well.

So, Havoc has had a very stressfull regatta. In the light winds of the distance race, they just could not get the boat going, and suffered a sixth. The next day, broke their boom in the first race, returning to win a 2nd and 1st in the 3rd and 4th races. Today, losing some gunwhale and suffering a major medical. That is pretty much my definition of a rough regatta for a crew that was pretty much the favorite going in.

There were a couple of OCS's, protests, turns and a hearing or two as well. It was quite competitive out there, with the front of the fleet's first windward roundings completed bow to stern. Beautifully powered up conditions made for some excitement!

The results on the CORK website have not been updated yet, but I believe that Rand is still leading. I could not tell you who are in second or third due to the protest's and OCS's, but the top four should be very tight.



Wow! What a regatta! To quote the winner Bruce Rand: "I have never raced in any other regatta where the competition has been this tight." Any one of five boats were in the mix right up to the end.

In all, we had 10 course races in moderate to high wind conditions. I could be mistaken, but I believe the wind was only below 10 knots for about 10 minutes of one race. So, most #1's stayed in their bags for the entire regatta (except for the distance race). Interestingly, it was only the last day that brought "typical" Kingston conditions, a brisk southwesterly, but even that was driving by a strong frontal system instead of the fabled "Snake Island Doctor" thermal. This system encouraged Weather Canada to issue both strong wind and waterspout warnings for Kingston. We did not see any waterspouts, but while we were waiting for the course to be set, we were completely overpowered with just the blade up. Fortunately, once the warning was sounded, the conditions had abated a bit allowing for a good tactical race instead of survival conditions.

Great, albeit short surfs were had by all today, Racing was very tight, with multiple position changes on each leg of the course. Lots of "discussions" approaching the start line, but fortunately no contact or trips to the room.

In the end, it was Rand's consistency that won the regatta. Dropping a fourth, nobody else could touch his record. Somehow Old School was able to snatch second place with O'ffliction third. Slice, saddled with a DSQ and and OCS, won fourth. Gary Gochal indicated that he was very impressed with the level of the competition compared to the last time he competed at CORK, two years ago.

I do not have the rest of the results with me, but will post a link once it becomes updated. I will also post a pic of the new trophy in due course.

Rand's O'Naturel rounding the windward mark: http://photoone.smugmug.com/Sports/sailing...1927_8yFsn-A-LB

O'Naturel (38875) and Old School sandwich O'ffliction at the start: http://photoone.smugmug.com/Sports/sailing...512_mANVZ-X2-LB

O'Naturel leads O'ffliction, Old School and Ritalin: http://photoone.smugmug.com/Sports/sailing...889_JCxiL-XL-LB

Here is my favorite pic, although I may be a bit biased: http://photoone.smugmug.com/Sports/sailing...002_LAggm-X2-LB

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