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A friend of mine in his late 70's  and has spend probably close to 50K on the boat is selling it because he is getting ole.

The boat is a turn key operation in Immaculate condition.
He paid to have it set up so he could sail it single or double handed.
New sails, Racing Furler, Code 0 on a furler and the trailer does not have a spot of rust...............REALLY

It is that time- someone out there is looking for a special Olson 30 that is new inside and out, look no longer, "THE SOURCE" IS FOR SALE. NO WANKERS, REAL PEOPLE WANTING TO OWN A FANTASTIC SAILBOAT. CALL ME, THANKS. 805 320-7750 JOE



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I'll vouch for this boat.  Watched it go through the whole rebuild.  Meticulously appointed and maintained in every detail by a serious racer and great guy.  



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A few suggestions that I hope will help Joe make a good sale:

(1) place an advertisement on the class website;

(2) quote an asking price. Failure to state any figure discourages potential buyers (yes, I know that people could call and ask ... but many will assume he wants some crazy high amount, and won’t bother to make that call);

(3) remove the “NO WANKERS” phrase: it adds nothing and just makes him seem like an abrasive old bastard that would be hard to deal with (again, it makes no sense to discourage potential purchasers). If he’s worried about time-wasting tire-kickers, perhaps substitute something like “serious enquiries only, please”, FWIW;

(4) provide lots of detail and photos. Relatively few people know the boat or the mods he has made ... the boat is unlikely to sell itself, at least not for the highest possible amount.

Of course, the above assumes that he actually wants to sell. If for some reason he’s just going through the motions, then the brief quotation in Meat Wad’s post is perfect for that purpose.



The bottom is faired and sprayed with white  cold cure epoxy, the non- skid is new, and the topsides are L.P.  Craig at Elkhorn composites did the work.  And, no, it's not mine, and I don't think Joe put an ad in anything.

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OK cool. I emailed Joe and told him I can help him with an ad on olson30.org if he wants. It's a beautiful renovation. It's hard to spot all the modifications unless you are very familiar with the Olson 30 but he completely rethought the running rigging and the cockpit modification is really well thought out and executed. 



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That is one clean looking Olson.

Looking at the pics of the sump area...where is the access to the keel bolts?

The cockpit tub holds all the load for the halyards? Hmmm.


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I don't think Craig at Elkhorn will chop a boat up unless its already severely compromised in that area. If you own a santa cruz built boat he is the man if you want a consult or to do the work. One of the last of a breed.