Olson 30

Not for nothing

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What an awesome boat, did 16+ knots on a reefed main and a #3,

In heavy wind , the only person in front the traveller is the bow person and keep the hatch boards in.

Upwind max crew on the rail traveller down

but have fun she a great boat to sail

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I race on an Olson 30 with a black hull. I give my skipper grief about a quote I heard once -something along the lines of " there are only two colors to paint a boat: white or black, and only a fool would paint their boat black". I'm not sure where pink falls in the mix, but I give you points for originality!



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Get the deep rudder. The boat will surf down 6-8 footers like it is on rails. Cut the toe rail off from the mast back and put down old jib track. Your crew will thank you. Call North for a new kite. They are sweet. Best boat ever for the money. You can't spend enough money on them to ever get close to a modern race boat's expenses. Just like Hendrix, way ahead of it's time!