Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing



The Torpedo isn't using LFP but it does have a very good BMS to protect the pack.    I have NMC on my boat with no worries.
Good to know. We’ve had a 1003 LS outboard with no problems for 6 years. ( for the L7) You’re using the 24 - 3500’s to an inboard?

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Jib wing on wing DDW. The lower diagonal batten keeps the clew down and out, like an automatically setting whisker pole.

Note the jib is fully battened, on soft hanks. It stays on the headstay always, as I have a sail cover for it when its on deck. Easy to hoist and drop as the carbon sail itself weighs perhaps 20 lbs total, the hanks move smoothly over the slippery dyneema headstay, the full battens keep the sail from flogging, the short LP means the sail can barely reach the water.

The jib cannot touch the mast, and the clew is at the level of the boom. So its sail area is about 95% of the foretriangle.

Note also the jib sheets: led outboard of the shrouds to the rail. The windward sheet is used as a barber hauler, so adjusts the angle of attack. Easy to get the clew as far inboard as on a TP52. The leeward sheet is used to control twist. No inboard tracks, no complicated leads nor special purpose barber haulers. Minimal gear, minimal holes in the deck, total adjustability from the cockpit... other than fore-and-aft lead position, which is mitigated (made to not matter) due to the high clew. Set and forget.

We use an electric winch handle to hoist the sails: a Milwaukee battery powered angle drill with a winch handle bit. Dropping is always very easy.

Jib wing n wing.jpg

Jib close hauled.jpg


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I'm 100% going to do some sort of hybrid conversion for my next boat next year.

Like y'all I go out of Shilshole and to the start line 90% of the time. The other 5% I need the engine just do anchor (since my windlass will drain the batteries in 2 seconds).

Both of these could be easily solved with a small 2kwh battery bank and an inline electric motor between the tranny and prop.

Plus then yes, you could easily make it to the San Juans in 5kts in one day... Or appreciate the whale watching without a giant motor running (or scaring said whales).

Plenty of surplus 100% duty 7”, 8”and 9” diameter, 36v to 48v DC forklift traction motors out there that will drop into a boat any day of the week...