Only thing missing is Godzilla


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It's that big..............




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I think we are looking at the biggest wing ever built...

Larger than that of an Airbus A380 and probably larger than those of the Spruce Goose

Has anyone contacted Guinness World Records yet ?



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I don't know anything about these wings... but it seems like they might be difficult to depower. Does this beast have an "upper-limit" in terms of windspeed? What happens if the breeze pipes up during a race? I'm horrified to think of this boat being out of control, or some catastrophic failure in the wing.

I also have some real questions about how JS tacks this thing. When they go into a tack, is there another helmsman who mans the leeward wheel? At some point, I imagine the helmsman gets his rear end over to the other helm platform.... but how? Those little platforms are tiny! Does he hop over the strut (I'm sure there's a better trimaranic term for it), run across the trampoline and hop back over onto the other platform? Has anyone seen a video of this boat tacking? I would love to see it. Although I suppose you try to minimize tacking when racing these beasts.

Perhaps these questions seem stupid, but I race a small monohull, and issues like these are completely foreign to me! I tried searching these forums, and couldn't find answers to these questions.