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Heating oil guy poured 500 gallons of Home heating oil straight into my father's basement through the breather tube. He should have been a bit curious seeing as it was a 175 Gallon tank. In January. (New guy) The company paid to clean up the mess, and 3 days motel room for my father, but the house stank of diesel for months, and anything on the floor was pretty much ruined, and the basement floor weeped oil for years in the summer months. They really should have paid a lot more, but my father was early stage Alzheimers at that point, and these things just sort of..... Went away.

That sucks... They guy must have been a real duffes... seems almost impossible to screw this up regardless of how many bong loads they did... but shit does happen.


With our house, the filler needed a wrench to take the cap off and the filler nozzell was a screw on. Both pipes were different sizes.


I know the smell. My tank sprung a leak dripping about a gallon a week into a bucket until I did something about it. I converted from oil heat to gas heat. All was good until I wanted to get the tank out. Fourtanly my garage and basement were connected, but at least now, there is a 3.0 X 6.8 door in place of the 2.0 that was there. Many of my neighbor's tanks were buried in their front yards. What a mess that was.