Out board question


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Yep, watched a YouTube video on it to see where everything is hiding, has a water separator, filter and another filter in vapor chamber. Based on symptoms the first filter is suspect. Looks like maybe Napa has some or will have to order online. It's wierd it only on this one as I would think both sitting for as long as the boat sat would have same build up. Will do both engines anyway.
It’s more common than you’d think, especially on boats with dual tanks like your’s. It sounds silly, but makes sense when you think about it. When the boat is at the dock or parked on its trailer, it’s usually in the same orientation all the time. One side of the boat gets a lot more sun (heat). That can do funny things, especially if there’s ethanol in the fuel.
Two runs no issues, pretty flat water. Will see next lumpy ride if that does it. Also don't have alot of faith in the tank gauges, wondering if it had less in it than I thought, have been running both 1/2-3/4 to try and keep weight down and not run too low. Skipped a fuel stop so dropped under a 1/4 noticed they get a offset differential when low so it may have been sucking air, hard to say.

Monkey, I think it sat for the whole pandemic so definitely a possibility of shit in the system. South side of the docks here get hammered with wx and UV.