Pérsico 69F

Dave Clark

Rhode Island
They're all dead, no?
The sailors. The boats are probably are ok. 

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It was AWESOME entertainment while it lasted. I don't think the pros had the stamina to campaign a boat which was designed specifically to be an elite level challenge and actually look like one in use. It had just the right amount of Formula 1 DNA and professional bullriding DNA. That's probably a bit too humiliating day to day for the poor guys who have to suit up and drive them. It's a pity because it was totally riveting to watch. That and the Mccartneys seem to have put a heroic amount of money and effort in and got essentially frozen out for viable advertisers to sponsor teams. Ultimately you can only bankroll something promising for so long before you have to cut it. I'm worried that will happen some day for SailGP, but Larry has quite a few more zeros to play with than your average rich person.




Super Anarchist
Interesting incident at 50s, dig the bow, crew falls forward and lands on the foil.
Fucking RIBs.

Never, ever sit to leeward of a fast approaching apparent wind boat coming downwind at speed. Bearing away is their safe space.