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Have You Seen This Fire Truck? The County Says It’s Missing

Thursday, May 30, 2019

By Matt Hoffman



Above: The missing firetruck from the Cuyamaca fire station is pictured in this undated photo, which the county of San Diego said has since been renumbered to E57.

The San Diego County Fire Authority is in the contested process of taking over two stations from the volunteer Julian-Cuyamaca Fire Protection District, or JCFPD. The process includes inspecting all property and equipment but a San Diego County spokesperson said one of the fire engines at a JCFPD station is missing.

Last year, the previous fire board voted to dissolve the district. The board's decision was upheld by LAFCO, the Local Agency Formation Commission, which oversees special districts like the JCFPD. Voters in Julian also voted this year to dissolve the volunteer department — but the move to take over the JCFPD is now being challenged in court.

During the legal process, a county spokeswoman said there has been an agreement to let the county make daily inspections of JCFPD's two fire stations — Julian Fire Station 56 and 57. In early April JCFPD volunteers locked themselves inside of station 56 and a county spokeswoman said the people are still there.

"We’ve been asking the individuals who are still at station 56 in Julian to produce the fire engine — pursuant to the court order that allows the county to inspect all JCFPD property daily — but they have not," the spokeswoman said.

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The county said the engine is valued between $200,000 to $300,000. A complaint has been made to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

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Ventucky Red

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If it was the County of Los Angeles...  I would just say meh!!   That is part of the norm with them...hay had what a few dozen cars and pick up trucks disappear...

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Long Long ago when I was a Much more Daring Drinker

I considered getting a Large Street Sweeper to convert to a covert RV

Then on way home if Really Happy just spin the brushes, run the Safeyt Flashers and you can make a U-Turn Anywhere you like

Downside you leave a snailtrail should they deside to track yer path back to the Bar parking lot :-0


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