painting powder coating boom?

5 years of scuffing banging scraping & fading has me wanting to refinish my powder coated aluminum boom.

Googled it, searched these forums, spoke to many an oracle and what I've come up with is that enamels & latx paints will scratch & fade, that clear coats will really scratch & crack and that an epoxy paint is my best bet.

Also whats going to hold up better - gloss or flat?

Whats the standard?

Also if I don't like the epoxy finish can I use a chemical stripper to start over or is that against the rules on powder coated aluminum?



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Strip it down to bare metal first, before putting anything over the top of powder coat. P/C does NOT have any adhesion to the underlying surface & will come off in large flakes when any hint of corrosion starts under it. You do not want a failing substrate under your new paint layer. Definitely go with gloss. Strip & sand it yourself, then take it to one of the various yard painters on Shelter Is & have it shot with LP. This will be the longest lasting fix.


why not Awlgrip the boom, you need to sand it to bare metal and then apply an etching primer (do not remember the name) no sanding and then apply epoxy primer 545 white or gray, sand surface without breaking into etching primer, you need 545 in several coats before you spray it with high gloss Awlgrip paint. It seems like much work and it is but the result is awesome. I have done this work on several spars and it stuck well to the aluminium.



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I would re-powder coat it. I don't understand why yours failed so quickly. My boom was powder-coated over 10 years ago and it still looks like it just came out of the shop. My boat is sailed regularly by novice crew and gets a lot of abuse.

Based on the results with the boom I would consider powder-coating a mast. I worry about what powder-coating does to the temper on the aluminum, though.

Maybe try a powder-coating shop with a better reputation?


The powder coating is not failing, the boom is just scuffed up etc and i want ti to look good. The carbon mast just had a new clear coat put on and I want the boom to match in blinginess factor.



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wet sand the boom to remove scuffs? polish after?
by sanding it he would just remove the anodizing (supposing, of course, it is anodized).

i'd re-powder coat it.
since it's powder coated he'd not remove any anodizing at all. 800+ wet sand should take the scuffs out of the powder coat. finer grits should even give it a polished finish, or prep it for a clear coat.



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What pc formula was used? (epoxy, acrylic, polyester, hybrid...) Sometimes you can re pc over the existing finish, just sand and blend the damaged areas and run it through again but you must know the paint type.

Generally polyester is best for outside applications, epoxy and hybrids will suffer from uv, acrylics are generally used in decorative applications.

Tough to beat Awlcraft 2000 or Awlgrip. Awlcraft is easier to repair.


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