Pancake Sailor


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Hey ho,

I am a developer based in Melbourne,  Australia.

I hope it's not against the rules.. I would like to share our free project with you:


Pancake Sailor is a free relaxing sailing experience for Windows and Mac.

Hope you will have fun trying it and maybe it's something you enjoy sharing with friends & family.

pancakemultiplayergif.gif  <- Trailer  <- Review

You can download Pancake Sailor for free from the Steam gaming platform. 

Feedback welcomed.




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I'm loving the idea. Does this version work in VR? It would be great to relax for a while without just looking at a window on a screen as I'm doing that for enough hours in the day as it is. 

Updated: Just got off my a**e and searched for myself and found your VR Regatta app in Steam :) Looks like the sort of thing I could use to unwind so just bought it to give it a go.

If you could just add support Dragonfly Trimarans in there, I might start missing my boat just a tiny bit less  :rolleyes:

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Wow that looks very similar to stentecs last sail simulator. Hope yours takes off better than their's did though! Any chance of doing an android version as there's only 2 on there that are ok, both made by same developer, but 1 is a lot better physics wise but only has 1 course



OMG! Pancake was almost hit by Multiplayer as it scooped up a few kilos of square grouper on it’s way north to Miami to turn it into Cuban nose candy. 

Imagine how long it will take to get there with those glassy seas...