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We watched a J-24 sink while racing after a squall knockdown right outside the St Thomas Yacht Club. A J-22 right behind them picked up the 24 crew and they all finished the race. I think there were 8 crew on the J-22. Someone had thrown out a buoy and the owner of the 24 grabbed a SCUBA rig and jumped in a friends dive boat and they went to the bouy and light to better mark the sunken J just before dark. They had lift bags and figured to raise the boat early the next morning but were shocked to discover the J-24 was not where they had marked it when it sank. They could see a furrow in the sandy bottom off to the South but no sign of the boat. Next morning they came back and followed the drag marks and finally caught up with the runaway J with the sails drawing and the spi even still up and pulling in the current. I guess the moral of the story is to throw out an anchor when you boat sinks!


God made this event so the owner could ca$h in on insurance and purchase a proper Sport Boat. Different thread, much better life.
This happened Saturday on Mallets Bay, Lake Champlain, VT. Team was training for the Worlds in heavy air. Knocked down so hard that the J24 actually turtled. First time I have ever heard of that. Upon attempt to right the boat from the turtled position she sank in 80 fleet of water. No one hurt. She was refloated the other day with no damage. Will be racing tomorrow night.
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Aw man! I wish I knew that those guys were down there. They could have looked for those sunglasses I lost in Mallets Bay back in 1990.

Cool videos. I liked their underwater sail takedown and furling job.