Patrick Childress on S/V Brick House has passed away


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So sad , watched so many of those videos . Rebecca's  raw grief very moving , her gutsy video  in loneliness after Patrick's passing is going to stay with me .

RIP Patrick 



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Patrick's videos were charmingly unpolished and he definitely had his opinions but he never took the easy way out and he had a lot of hard-won knowledge he was happy to pass on. If you're looking to kill some time, you could do a lot worse than watching them.


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I have no idea who they are, other than sailors and and obviously in love, but that is heartbreaking.

My wife and I are being very cautious, it somewhat distresses me how cavalier some are about this disease. I'm 65 and have asthma and some other issues. My wife and I have been together for 45 years, if anything happened to one it would shatter the other. 

I hope his widow can rebuild her life and find some happiness.

Stay safe and healthy, all of you, please. 


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 Never met Patrick but corresponded online,  mostly about V40 stuff, and sent him some dyneema bits I made.

A true gentleman,

Watching Rebecca really cut me up, but on the plus side Patrick was a lucky man to be loved so much by a woman like her...

And I suspect the alternative, if he survived, would have truly tortured him.

I have told my wife I don’t want to go on a ventilator if I get this evil thing...



GBNF Patrick and Rebecca seem like lovely people and i enjoy their vids on occasion. 
sorry to all affected. 



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This truly brakes my heart. I am so sorry for both, for her to be left behind this way. I really hope the day will come when she can look back at all the joyful moments both had together. And I do hope, they meet on the other side, just like she promised. 

Because if not, then there is no God I can or would want to pray to.


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