Performance 30 (S2 9.1, Olson 911, Santana 30/30, J30)


I drive Last Fling IV for many years in Puget Sound (J30) and then delivered it To Kona when the owner moved there. The Express 27 was the toughest boat to boat I faced. It always had a slight but persistent edge in speed. I have no idea of the interior, but if that is the speed you want to race at, that is a boat to look into.

They also did well with few crew.



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Buy a damn J29. Fun, fast and and we almost have one design here in the PNW! There's at least 5 boats actively racing and getting a 6th and some coordination would be awesome.

I prefer the MHOB for light air stuff but if you wanted to do some of the more knarly stuff fraccy could be nice.

The 2 best boats in the NW though use mastheads.

We beat a j109 boat for boat in last nights wind seekers race so yes they move.



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I was discussing building a Davo a few years ago with the guy who has the molds, but unfortunately circumstances forced me to drop the plan.

Anyways, it might be very interesting to see one built to LD's specs, or a "righteous" Davidson as the guy liked to say. The design displacement was 5800 lb from what I recall from a spec sheet and the 2 built were a little to a lot over that (I think Midsummer was advertised at 7000 lb). Even at that, the two built are excellent performers despite being a bit pudgy.

Off topic - is there any demand for a 30 ft racer/cruiser with real accommodations and standing headroom? I ask because no one seems to be building one for the North American market. Please don't say a J/88 because that is a weekender at best. I'm sure someone is building one, I just can't think of any offhand. I mean, has the market changed that much in the last 30 years? Because it seems like there were plenty of boats that met that description (mostly listed in this thread) that were built in the late 70's and early 80's - or is that all part of the "golden age of sail" thing.

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Pretty short list.

J/97 - $170k. Displacement 8600 lb. PHRF typically 108

Davidson 29 - $75-100k. Displacement 7000 lb. PHRF NW 114 (probably 102 elsewhere due to the 10% bump most boats get in PNW).

Now if one were built to design displacement of 5800 lbs.

I have nothing to do with the group contemplating a new build - just a big fan of the design.

I'm sure not many are familiar with the Davo since only 2 were built, so I've attached the original interior arrangement and profile I pulled somewhere off the internet a few years ago. Huge interior and 6'2" headroom (just a guess, but I'm 6'1' and I didn't touch with shoes on)
I'd get the Pogo 30 over the J. just saying...