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Thank you Bob.

Second to last hand drawing, the 68' Born of Water.

From the Last Mohican.

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Calling this a hand drawing is not entirely forthright. It is hand-drawing over a hull-shape, rudder and keel from the attached design [via the URL below - due to its size].

Note how the portlights do not follow the sheer line, the original rudder and keel outlines have not been erased, and the length of the hull in the drawing, using the dimensions of the rig as hand printed, is my 65.6' not 68'. The freeboards (as in attachment) are about 1/2' less than the final drawings by YMT. The flat -aft the keel- and the sharper bow cutwater, modifications by YMT, are not there. The Mule sail, duly identified by him, was suggested by Design Systems & Services. The hand drawn sail area is within 10ftsq of my earlier VPP on the hull, rudder and keel of that attachment.

Yves-Marie Tanton has indicated to me that whatever credit is due for a design should be expressed and acknowledged. That I'm doing here. The owner's commission (fall 1991) was for me to do the preliminary design and its vpp given his requirements (a ~20m LOA, high-performance, shallow draft, cruising cutter with luxurious accommodation), and for Yves-Marie Tanton to take it from there through construction drawings.

It is important to note that the accommodation, deck (& handsome pilothouse), structures, and construction drawings are all due to the deep, broad & imaginative design skills, and immense work, of Yves_Marie. And that his reshaping of the hull forward above the waterline, and the increase in freeboard, were necessary (partly due to the owner's suite sited well forward) and beautifully done.

I'm guessing, but I believe it likely that the requirement for a B&R rig (later requiring the discussed struts) was not put forward by YMT and was likely resisted by him.

Perhaps sardonic to point it out, but the magenta inked portions of the attachment and its blow-up in the second attachment are entirely hand drawn.


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