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Tom O'Keefe

Super Anarchist
Having sailed sleds and multihulls most of my life, I knew stepping up to a TP52 I'd be sacrificing a bit of creature comforts for more fun sailing. And, I was not disappointed. Yes, they are not as comfortable. Yes, they beat you up more. But, dam they are fun! Every little extra bit of effort you can see an increase in speed. You sail them like a skiff except for days and nights on end. 

On Destroyer to soften the creature comforts deal. We sealed up as many of the water ingress points as possible. We put Raptor soft deck not only in the cockpit, but also throughout the cabin sole. We worked up a really nice boil in the bag menu. There's not a lot you can do about the head. And then, we sailed our hearts out and had a blast doing it.