pics: TF10, 2019 Vallejo Race

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The guy who mentioned ultrasounds of the beams has retracted that statement. Do you have a personal account of that being the case, or you can prove that there are voids present in the beams?
Did he retract it or just delete the post?  Posting something like that, especially under what looks like his real name, is likely to make the owner unhappy so deleting it is rational even if true.

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FWIW, owners and builders have a way of going dark when boats break down.  Has lots to do with value, liability, reputation etc.  Pictures of broken beams aren't "fake news" as you put it.  One could argue that censoring info and removing it from public view is "fake".  Since DNA is clearly in the know it might be credible for you to discuss what caused the failures and what steps might be taken to mitigate.  Do beams need to be replaced to handle real world loads, or is some form of reinforcement contemplated?  It's your business so you certainly don't have to say anything, but the only way to control the "message" is to manage it and be proactive and truthful.  

Pretty clearly a rich guy's toy under any circumstance.  Would be cool to see a viable class racing together....but that ship may have sailed.
This.  A pretty darn reasonable post.  Less than impressed with the DNA comments.  Those pics are not fake news.  They are broken beams that DNA built no?

I am not trolling here, nor am I am DNA hater.  They have built many great boats.  But this... where there is smoke there is fire it seems.

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Right there with you @Wess, the DNA bluster doesn’t build confidence. I’d still look at them for an A cat, but this issue and the rumblings of Argo refusing DNA  built MOD70 foils has the standard French and Italian yards looking like the safer choice for bigger boat foiling.