Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

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I would appreciate any suggestions, Bob.  The budget is flexible.  I've read through your book a couple of times and have enjoyed your boat reviews.

Good idea on the autopilot remote.  I think that would be a slick way to go.  Also, heat is a definite plus.  We like the idea of year around use.

I suppose worrying about an extra half knot or 5 degrees better angle for just a knocking around the sound and daysailing boat for a couple of retirees doesn't pay.  Maybe I wouldn't even notice the difference in the wing vs the fin keel.  I bought a new J29 years ago and loved the way it sailed.  I had a Santana 30 whose performance pleased me.  We charted a great Panda 40 many years ago which we loved.  I've had other fin keel sailboats and sailed on others' and now that I think about it, they were all fun to sail so maybe I'm overthinking the performance end.  I appreciate the input.

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Assuming a Baba 40 is still over budget the standard sloop idea is workable. I have a good dodger and in most conditions can duck up forward out of the weather. An autopilot with a remote helps, I am looking at this for mine http://www.madmanmarine.com/shop/4576847473/Remote-Controls. Another thing to consider in our area is reliable heat, the Webasto or similar forced air heaters work well. I have one in my boat and have considered adding a vent in the cockpit forward at foot level.

I suspect that since the pool of used standard sailboats is so much greater than pilothouse boats you can get a much less expensive boat, add the heat dodger and autopilot and still come out ahead. A nice bridge deck to sit on would be icing on the cake.
I've had the madman remote for several years, and it is a nice luxury.  I keep one remote on the chart table and the other in my pocket. The main problem is remembering to have fresh batteries available when I want to use it.  One of the remotes went bad after a year or so, and Madman promptly shipped one out to me at no cost from Oz!  I guess the main quibble is that there isn't much feedback as to whether a +1 command has been received, though the +10 is generally obvious.  I have this habit of hitting +1 +1 +1 to make a small course correction, which the madman tends to interpret as "go to standby," and I don't notice until we are getting badly off-course.  

FWIW, I end up sitting in the companionway, to get in on a bit of cabin heat.  I keep thinking of making a seat to slip over the bottom hatch board. But I guess I'll make the new hatch boards first...

Hasn't somebody been advertising a Baba 40 "project" on craigslist for $40K or so?  



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Dave J

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Thanks for the link.  I've seen the boat on a buoy in the bay.  It's a nice looking one but a little more wood maintenance than what I'm looking for.


Dave J

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Thanks SloopJonB.  I actually called the owner a month ago.  He was advertising the location as "Olympia in transit" at the time and later just Olympia.  The boat is in California.  He had been doing some work on the interior after living aboard for a while from what I remember.  He had more to do.  He was going to get some pics and info to me but never did.  We looked at another one a few weeks ago in Anacortes but it seemed well used.  They have potential but sure seem tall with high freeboard.  We'd almost need to raise the cabin sole or have a perch to see out at the inside helm.  We looked at one in Sydney, BC a couple months ago which since sold.  The dealer told us about a short video the owner made.  It makes the boat look like it sails well.


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In that video they are sailing at 50 degrees (instruments are visible at 0:53 in the video), so a close reach.  Most boats sail pretty nicely at that angle.

Having said that it isn't too awfully heavy for it's size and it would probably point higher if they had inboard genoa tracks instead of sheeting to the gunwales.

It's weird that the seller is being fishy about where the boat is actually located.


Dave J

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Good eye on reading the instruments.

I asked the Cooper seller why he was bringing the boat to Olympia or when it would be in Olympia, ,since the ad said Olympia in transit.  He said he wasn't bringing it up but it wouldn't cost much to bring it up, maybe $3500 or something like that.  His feeling was that if someone was interested, they'd come to California to look at it.


Dave J

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I bet that'd be a very comfortable boat for the sound.  Maybe have a small boat like a Vanguard Nomad for just fun sailing.  The one I'd prefer is probably the 35 with a fin keel (see pics above) but more money of course.  Everything I like is more money!


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