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Good starts are all about time and distance. If you sail in a class that allows pinging the line, you ping the line. Did you know that your GPS records all those button presses? The right software can show you exactly where the line was and your boat in relation to the line.

With accurate mark positions, you can then measure your distance to the start line and how long it took you to reach the line.

ChartedSails  does all of the above, is compatible with all popular GPS devices and synchronizes tracks from multiple boats for maximum bragging pleasure. 


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 I recently had to explain all of this to a once-active racing sailor, who (obvs) hadn't been keeping up.

"Fuckin' Cheating bastards" was his only comment.



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As it appears from the website; this is simply an analysis of GPS track(s) for a modest fee. 

There's already RaceQ which works off your smartphone, and is free... including fleet comparisons. 

You can log your track on most MFD and do the analysis work in Excel with a bit of effort: overlaying it on a chart is a bit harder. 

My 5 yr old Zeus2 has chart data, does the logging, displays a Race start screen on a 12" daylight visible monitor and gives me the Polar performance as well. 

Expedition for the cost of a few years worth of subscription does all of the above and a whole lot more. 



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Last week when practicing starts I also briefly tried the ping feature of iRegatta. Today, sitting in my commuter train, it tells me I am 17035 meters OCS, time to line is 83:16.   :lol:  dammit! 

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