Pink Floyd’s Waters backs Russia, calls Biden a ‘war criminal’ over Ukraine

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Gilmour liked the post, retweeting it, and in a show of support, wrote “Every word demonstrably true.”

And Gilmour with the response to his wife….

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Syd Barret was the only guy in that band with any talent. It's just like Harrison was the best Beatle.
good canuck weed me thinks ;-)

Syd was creative but not much of a musician IMHO. He was going in a very different direction and the recordings he made with Pink Floyd sound very little like the Pink Floyd that emerged... they're great if you're really tripping balls. I much prefer their later stuff if merely high.


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On a random Seattle weeknight in the nineties, a guy had an extra Roger Waters ticket and got me to go with him. It was a powerful and impressive show. Waters looked pretty rough. Like drugs had been hard on him.

Near the end of the (pretty good) show, Waters and the entire stage band (including one gal) all laid flat on their backs on the stage, and each performer stomped his heels onto the stage floor, together. The powerful performance raged on, but for some reason they displayed that they were not playing the music.

Go figure.


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Waters can just go fuck off!

If you need to hear Pink Floyd live, go see Brit Floyd when they come to a town near you:


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Here are the White Helmets today, in apocalyptic Syria, racing to dig survivors out of the precarious and dangerous rubble of the most devastating earthquake in recent times.

Here is Roger Waters defending the Bashar al-Assad regime, and telling that the "White Helmets are a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for the jihadis and terrorists". This video is from Roger Water's official youtube channel.

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All tonal music has already been done before. This is why it doesn't it matter you are Justin Bieber, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Elvis, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, John Lennon, or Rodger Waters. It's the same 4:4 shit all over again-whatever. Bryan Ferneyhough can actually create innovative music.

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Waters can just go fuck off!

If you need to hear Pink Floyd live, go see Brit Floyd when they come to a town near you:

saw these folks 4 years or so ago and they were awesome, had a singer that nailed the part she needed to nail, can’t say enough good things about them


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Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

Lifted from "Pink Floyd The Wall" film, this video is actually comprised of two songs: "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives" and "Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2"

This video became the official video of "Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2" after the release of the film in 1982.

This single is by far Pink Floyd's greatest ever mainstream success, instantly attaining classic status, and is perhaps their most famous piece of work.

ABINTW Pt. 2 even became the protest song of a group of South African students during the apartheid regime, the song was subsequently banned in South Africa.

The song itself is a protest against the rigidity of British schools, and in particular, the boarding school system Waters would have been part of as a young boy.

The poem read out by the schoolteacher is a direct reference to "Money"

The schoolteacher in this video was portrayed by the late, great, Scottish actor Alex McAvoy who passed away in June 2005.

If you haven't seen "The Wall" I would Highly recommend you to do so.