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How I wish, how I wish you were here

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year

Running over the same old ground, what have we found?

The same old fears, wish you were here  

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The Burg, Maine
I remember working on my boat in Santa Barbara harbor one sunny December day back in 1979 and noticing someone playing The Wall very loudly from somewhere in the harbor. It had just been released and I'd never heard any of the songs before but new what it was from the chorus "All in all it was just a..."

Finished tidying up the boat and wandered over to the main dock to see what was going on. A largish dragger from somewhere up North was tied up to the unloading dock with large speakers hung from the outriggers 30 feet up just blasting it out there. People were wandering down the dock to see what the hubbub was like lemmings to a cliff.

The boat had a hold full of fresh prawns they were selling at the dock for cheap, so cheap that even broke ass me bought a couple of pounds. They boiled up awesomely! To my knowledge they were the first prawns ever landed in Santa Barbara County and started a mini fishery there ever after. Whenever I hear the Wall now I think of the smell of fresh prawns and beer with my GF on a warm  sunny day.

Thank you, Pink Floyd!



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upstairs in an eatery in Pig Ally , Kathmandu .

a French Traveler had just picked up a copy of Wish You Were Here from CDG , only a couple of hours old .

some things are just ment to be .


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@Willin'  And that's part of the magic of music.  You hear a song and you are instantly transported back in time, and in the words of the immortal Firesign Theater, it all come rushing back to you "Like the hot smack at the end of a cold fist."



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The birth of Marooned from the Pink Floyd sessions of January 1993. Originally known as Cosmic 13, it’s just Rick, David, Nick and Guy jamming direct to a stereo DAT machine at Britannia Row Studios. Posted on 28 July 2021, to mark Rick's birthday. Photo by Jill Furmanovsky



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quod umbra said:
I stopped going to Floyd shows after Waters left the band..... but saw everything from DSOTM through The Wall tours. Some of it was beyond amazing.....
got to meet Dick Parry the sax player who played on most of their albums and toured with them.. I was interested in a bari sax he had for sale ( i didn't end up buying it, price was wayyyyy to high)


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Summer of '73.  Me and a buddy got a Holiday Inn room across the street from Tampa Stadium DSOTM tour.  It was cool, but I prefer a theatre to a stadium.  We ended up with a crowd sleeping in the room, but no orgy.

We stayed for Saturday night, drinking age changed to 18.  At 12:01 AM we walked into the bar and got our first legal drinks 



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I'm sure he's just an ordinary guy ,

Until he picks up a guitar :)
He's definitely a normal Dad!




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