Planning = the thing Rimas will never do. Two "n"s people


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us mere mortals can not fathom the intricate web of plans Rimas creates. His plans are magic :)



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Rimas is a Russian guy with a $500-buck San Juan 24, with a lot of miles under that little keel, who seems to lack a sense of fear and loves sailing way out there more than he loves being equipped to do it. Against rather long odds he is still alive.

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Its a SJ24. Pretty sure he isn't planing or planning.
Maybe if someone created a FrankenJuan?
I tried pushing a SJ24 over 6 kts once, when I was a kid. Spinnaker up in 40 kts wind, downwind in Gulf of Mexico. It didn't end well.
Sorry, no pics. It was almost 40 years ago. We crossed the finishline surfing on our windward side. Just over the line, jibe broach, planted mast in water, taking on water through companionway. Boat laid on its side for about a minute, owner was on low side so he bailed out and boat righted. Main and spin both shredded, 2' of water in cabin (outboard underneath). Only sail on deck a light #1. Threw owner an overboard ring and lifejacket. Worked on getting the boat in some semblence of ability of control to retrieve owner, but another boat picked him up before we could. Owner's BiL was bailing cabin into cockpit with a bucket, my father was concentrated on keeping owner in sight, I was pulling down shredded sails and rigging a working jib. Fortunately, it was daytime, warm temperature, and several boats nearby. Could have been worse... valuble lessons learned.