Please help identify this RBBS competitor

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have you turned over any tables recently?
Yeah, I’ve been known to upset a few. @ Family et all. - a two year ban from sailing for a crew going rouge seems a little harsh. Yes, the person who committed the act deserves a ban so he/her understands the severity of the act; and or the boat deserves to be chucked from the regatta. Those are logical conclusions. But to banish Tim from the community, to not allow him to compete again for a number of years - that’s some Pete Rose shit there. It’s a punishment not fitting the crime. I have to ask myself, “Why?” Knowing all of you, as a lifelong sailor here in the Bay, a student of our community - it’s personal.
I had understood the allegation in this thread to be that Tim and Arne both were involved in loosening the lifelines.
Is that correct?
I thought the wonder ferret had mentioned the video was of two people on the boat with flashlights.


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Jeeze... Sailing 14's at St. Francis back in the day is a fond memory. After a day of getting the snot blown out of our noses, everyone would be back on the dock helping each other fix whatever damage had been done, all in the spirit of Corinthian sailing. My tool box was your tool box. The owners of Windward Passage even let us bachelors bunk on the boat for a major gig to help save a few bucks for us and the Brits. Nice cold-molded spruce... Where did those days go?


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Really Dude? You are talking about a friend, a really good guy who was asked to participate in this photo as he had crewed in the past. He did this unwittingly, and now you go all racist? WTF poking fun at someone for how they look. Wax off mutherfucker …

I just heard about this from a friend when we were drinking beers and putting the boat away after a local club race. “Did you hear about Tim Russel?” I was like, “What, who did he embezzle?” Bad joke, but half serious. I’ve known Tim for 15-20 years. Been in the room with him once - he didn’t operate at the best of levels; got chucked and lost the series on the protest. Tim, much like Trump or myself, is someone people love to hate. Partly because he’s successful, partly for his mercenary attitude towards competition. After reading this whole thread- including Shaggie’s maefesto, it sounds like Tim had a crew who was heated over a low hanging lifeline protest, and had a few cocktails and decided to loosen the protester’s lifelines. Who knows, Tim, maybe like Trump at 1/6 whipped up some sentiment on his behalf. But, I doubt he put anyone up to it. From what it sound, the guy loosened the lifelines, but used poor judgement on how much. Malicious intent, could be, but not proven without the perps confession. Bad judgement, definitely. The lifelines were messed with, but spinny blocks, could have untwisted on their own, that’s not uncommon. That’s why they are checked with the rest of the boat every morning in a weeklong regatta. Of course, Tim is responsible for his crew’s action. But, attempted murder or assault, ‘comon man!’ Just like any right wing leaning fellow in San Francisco, the worst is assumed, the book is thrown at him, and he is prosecuted with malice. Such is the way with the sailing community in the Bay Area - who you are, your politics, matters just as much as the circumstance.
jfc and they call lefties snowflakes


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Nonsense. It’s a terrible color to sport on the race course and deserves punishment.
If you see this feller on the race course, run.