Please help identify this RBBS competitor

Mr. Eye

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He and another individual boarded our boat during the regatta party and tampered with our equipment.

We have video of the incident but we are as yet unable to identify him.
Post the video!
it was a premeditated act of revenge that put our crew in danger for something that occurred on the water.
What was the something that occurred on the water?
We have a suspicion as to who it is but are not confident enough to make an outright allegation of his identity until someone else can confirm it.
Have you spoken to your suspect...or are you going to hang him here first and ask questions later?
I decline to elaborate further because to do so would compromise my own anonymity to the extent that it exists.

"I decline to elaborate" is never the strongest back up to an accusation. It has the vagueness of an Amber Heard press release.

Israel Hands

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How come you can't tell us anything about the nature of the incident on the water?
Why do you care so much about this particular guy, when you stated that there were two individuals on your boat?


My thanks to the OP and all the rest of you.

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Is there more to come?

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