Plugging Unneeded Thru-hulls

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"Installing" C-Head in the new boat. Existing T-H and backing plates work and look fine. I'm reluctant to disappear them and glass over, and considering just maybe filling with goo that would be easy to remove for someone else in the future if going back to the old stinky way. 

Thoughts or recommendations? 



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Have you been making modifications and doing things to your boat that specifically make it easy for the next owner,  or have you been doing things that make it nicer for YOU.

removing and glassing a T-H is a lot of work.   but installing a new T-H is pretty easy.  

closing the T-H and putting a plug on the inside is also easy.

here is an easy way to plug a hole...   not reccomended by the masses at SA.

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That's a weirdly complicated way to fill a hole and without any glass on the outside seems like it's begging for water intrusion around the repair. The Gougeon Bros unsurprisingly have a better way (page 141)

FWIW when faced with the same situation I closed the valve and clamped a plug into a short bit of hose in case of accidental opening. For a better job I would find a threaded plug and cap the valve directly.