Police Militarization in the US


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San Francisco Votes To Allow Killer Robots

I'm usually among the civil liberties protesters but I also think cops should be effective and, to the extent possible, safe.

I think in the not too distant future, every cop car will have a drone and a stair-climbing robot and it might have a smoke bomb or percussion grenade and that's all OK with me.

If there's a violent, armed, or dangerous suspect and you can send a robot or @Vgree to contact and incapacitate him, which way do you want to go? I want to send the robot.
This isn't a crazy new idea, obviously the Dallas PD used their bomb robot to incapacitate the suspect who had shot multiple Dallas officers a few years ago.

We use our bomb squad robot regularlly to search for armed subjects and have used it to grab firearms out of the hands of armed suspects. They have also used it to drag suspects out from under beds.

I think there needs to be some pretty strict scrutiny to use this but putting a robot in those situations will save officers lives and should actually save bad guy's lives too. Not putting a living person into a house with an armed subject slows down the whole process and gives that bad guy more time to make better choices.


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I'd never want to allow automated decisions by these devices. So a remote control device, not a robotic automated device. The police can't be trusted with their current toys in many instances, well proven over and over again.


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You must be afraid of competition, Tom. Every morning I turn on my computer to find aging threads written by you that have lost any entertaining value ages ago, put there to amuse or entertain just you.