Poor guy's boat sunk by the rain in SF...


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send him a pm and get the exact location/marina and slip. i will see what i can do or arrange as im in northern CA

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Poor bastard shouldn't be penalized for dealing with our immigration system legally.

if he's stuck here there were some t's uncrossed and i's undotted and he's having to unravel it. You can always get it sorted there if you are prompt and straightforward.

Your system (though it picks on me) isn't at all bad...it's just complex. Same happens in reverse

A big shout out to Mr Alvarez in immigration..see ya again soon bloke


nice of you guys to sort it. sounds like a good boat

+1 on what RM said

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Everyone picks on you, S. You ought be used to it by now, considering your age and all.
you're not helping my persecution complex Ms C.

it all stems back to one nasty bitch on the Canadian border in 1992...you fuck one goat with the system there and you are branded for life.

so far a total of 20hrs spent at the US consulate here and about the same being detained at point of entry everytime there. c'est la vie...they keep letting me in. eventually

Skirts overstayed 2 days here...that had a far worse outcome. booted

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Anybody got access to airbags? She isn't quite above the water at low tide which means she has to be lifted a bit for the pumps to work. Whats worse is that she's a wood boat sunk in FRESH water so time is critical. The info is on the way via email. Anyone with access to airbags or other lifting equipment please PM me. Thanks.

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Dammit, wish i were in san fran, i really dig doing this kinda stuff; helping out this aussie out would make my day..... come on guys you'll be really glad you stepped up to help out..... i'm in n.c. if i had enuff freq-flyer miles i would be on my way......