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I don’t know if this has been shared here yet (I haven’t spent much time on SA of late.) But this is from Jake the ED of the NWMC:

All of that, and later this week we’ll be announcing the first-ever Virtual Wooden Boat Festival. What is a virtual wooden boat festival and why should you want to come? You should wait and see, but rather than trying to create a sad Zoom meeting where we tried (and ultimately would fail) to recreate the je ne se quoi magic of Point Hudson jam-packed with boats and people, we decided to use the medium of the internet to pull together a collection of boats and experts we could have never gotten to all come to Port Townsend. We brought in the R2AK FilmbossZach Carver to oversee employed 6 teams of filmmakers to create never-before-seen mini-documentaries about everything from Viking ships to our local marine trades. We’ll have behind-the-scenes boat shop tours from boat builders, interactive panel discussions with renowned designers, mini biopics on boats and builders—it’s a lot of moving pieces but it’s coming together really well, and, while I would rather it be in person, I think it’s actually going to be really fun. Plus it’s a chance to have folks “attend” who otherwise might not have been able to make the trip. Watch for the official news later this week.

Even in a year when we are “closed,” there is a lot going on!

I hope you and your family are doing as well as possible..

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Heard back from Barb and Jake.  If you have a wooden boat or know of an interesting one it's a great opportunity.  They are taking video submissions from all over the world.  Will see of the kiddo wants to do one of some local boats.  Pretty cool way to show a boat and connect with others out there.



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Pls do update us on how it is organized! If there’s a website or url to share. 

From: Barb Trailer <[email protected]>

Fantastic! Feel free to forward forms to anyone! We are accepting "community" videos and boats from anyone wanting to participate!

The link to the videos might not be up and running yet! By the end of the week they will be, but we are working on the process. 

THe link for photos is up and running. 

Here is what you can share!

Wooden Boat Festival is all about sharing our stories and the virtual festival is no different. Throughout the Virtual festival- not only do we have tons of special content created just for you, we will also feature stories from the wooden boat community- about their boats, their adventures, their shops, and their Covid builds. Join the fun! It’s easy and its free!

Bummed you couldn’t show off your boat this year at WBF?

You still can!  It’s easy and its Free!

There are 2 ways to participate-

#1- with photos of your boat

#2- with a short video tour of your boat

To participate with photos go to this link


To participate with video

go to this link and the instructions will be emailed to you!

https://[email protected]

If you have any questions please email me!



BARB TRAILER | Wooden Boat Festival Director
Northwest Maritime Center, 431 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Office: 360.385.3628 x 106 



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Nice video.

This film offers a look at the life and work of master sailmaker Carol Hasse, whose sail loft is located in beautiful, historic Port Townsend, Washington. The film explores the incredible sailmaking process, the life journey of Hasse as an educator, community activist, founder of The Wooden Boat Festival and Foundation and mentor to a crew of young sailmakers. The backdrop is Port Townsend, an historic maritime center and current capitol of wooden boats in the United States.​
Thank you for sharing that video. A most impressive story. Good to see that a labour intensive business can be successful at home competing in a world of offshored jobs by focusing on quality of work and customer service. Reputation isn't everything, it is the only thing!


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Port Townsend, WA
A few years back, I housed Carol's beloved Folkboat, LORRAINE for winter refinishing. She (and her boat) is the greatest.


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Her videos and articles are fantastic.


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