Pre 1993 Harken 150 Rebuild


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The only reason I am asking is I have about thirty Barely used old chests with sun destroyed red plastic. 

the 1993 and newer kit balls and springs work fine but the plastic bottom and little red top caps don’t fit the old cleats. 

I am tempted to make molds and make my own .... not because it is worth it but it would be sorta fun and satisfying to rescue $900 worth of cleats.... and I will certainly take more Weathered 150s off old boats 

or... has anybody successfully drilled out the old style cleat bases to accept the New style plastic? 

I'm sure a good fix would be quite popular and if Harken isn't interested in providing parts, they shouldn't have an issue with someone else doing it.

Kits for the little ones would be nice too.


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