President Trump - crystal ball gazing


Super Anarchist
Mouthbreathers unite!!

Congrats to the Donald he pulled off an historic win that will be written into US history no matter what else happens. Hopefully it will be a Cinderella story where he will be remembered as a great leader that made good use of his time to bring positive change

History will be favourable to Obama however. He has been a steady pair of hands through a difficult period of early office & although unpopular now, history bends memories through those rose coloured glasses brilliantly

Trump has set himself some impossible tasks & even though everyone (you'd hope) understands election promises are no better than the kid running for class captain (or yes, el presidente) promising 4hr lunch breaks to the baying crowd of kids & their smug teachers. Regardless 'the people' will latch onto a few issues that will become prickly & will test his durability. There will also be a swing back after the honeymoon period & Trump will suffer in the polls, probably earlier than expected

Trump has support in Aus also. Many people look to the ideal that he represents as the solution for the problems we have as individuals & as a society. It's hard to imagine a wall big enough to stop global population growth (as one isolated issue) but Aus has that view also & we wave a big stick as best we can against a growing surge of humanity. The interest in landing in our countries won't stop, we live too well

To be honest, from the outside, it looks like history about to repeat for the thousandth time


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