Prince Philip, keen sailor, crosses the bar.


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It is getting tedious here. Someone can post a photo of a winch handle and half a page later it’s angry posts about colonialism. Then the googling of supporting semi-facts begins. This was more fun back when it was boats and tits. (That last sentence is not a quote from Prince Philip but may as well have been).
Well said!

Boobies are needed!




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Oh without a doubt if such things exist. But if they do I will know plenty of people when I get there.
All the fun people seem to be headed there.

My dad once said that heaven sounded like a terrible place to spend eternity - sitting on marble benches in a bed sheet listening to harp music. :blink:

Oh, and by the way - IME the N word is not veddy British. They tend to refer to brown people as Wogs or Darkies, not N*****s.

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Fixed for the Canadian version (St John's Cathedral Boys School Manitoba,). Yes, those schools could be brutal. TBH, the doctors did revive one classmate after his heart froze for 1/2 an hour. 'Muscular Christianity' indeed. Good education for life if you survived.

So, Prince Philip was part of that culture, which worked until it didn't. May he and his family find peace.
... or St Michaels College where you learn to ‘stick handle’ a puck with unorthodoxies.  



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... or St Michaels College where you learn to ‘stick handle’ a puck with unorthodoxies.  
Don't know much about St Michaels, (Sounds a bit like Campion and Luther Colleges in Regina).

Been thinking about the legacy of the "Empire' Days. Perhaps the most positive contribution the British Empire left its colonies was -- Education? Worked in Nigeria, India, Hong Kong and probably many more countries.



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One of the tales I ran across years ago claimed Prince Philip "rowed around the Horn" (IIRC, calm moment; so had Brittania's rowboat launched). 

Book? movie? Haven't been able to track down a source.

Anyone else recall the story?



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What's the full story?
As I heard it oh, at least 25-30 years ago is that he was helming Yeoman, a Sigma 38 owned by Owen Aisher which was a strong class at Cowes back then when he tacked close to another Sigma leading to the other boat hailing "Tacking in My Water" to which HRH stood in the cockpit with a smile on his face and shouted back "Who's water?"  

Long time ago and I cannot remember whether the other boat let it go, whether penalties were taken etc but it was just the sort of humour he was renowned for.