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Velocitek Releases Laser Legal Compass!

The International Laser Class Association changed class rule 22 to allow the use of electronic digital compasses which are not GPS enabled. To celebrate this news Velocitek is excited to announce the release of the PRISM, a stripped down racing compass. The Prism provides unprecedented accuracy, coupled with a massive display, in a compact package. At a mere 137 g (4.8 oz) it is the world's lightest racing compass.

The Prism was developed with input from members of the US Olympic Team and has already been used to win the Etchells World Championship.

"The Prism is an indispensable tool on our Etchells. From the helm, the digits are large and easy to read. The compass heading is accurate and precise, which allows us to capitalize on each and every shift." Steve Benjamin - Olympic Silver Medalist, Multiple World Champion, US Rolex Yachtsman of the Year

"The Prism's digits are large enough for everyone on the Etchells team to read easily and it’s so light that it was also an obvious choice for the 470. The Prism is easy to read, at a glance, from the wire on the 470 and that is a huge competitive advantage at the international level where every detail counts." Dave Hughes - Olympian (US Mens 470 Crew), Multiple World Champion, US Sailing Team Member

How It Works

The Prism uses a high precision 3-axis solid state magnetometer designed for aerospace applications to provide better accuracy than any other small boat compass on the market. The Prism uses only magnetic input as its heading reference, has no memory, no user inputs, and performs no arithmetic functions. It's legal in all classes that allow electronic compasses.

Full Features

The Prism's 29.8mm (1.1 in.) tall compass digits can be read from over 40 feet away. The Prism is solar powered with a backup battery. The backup battery will power the Prism for over 24 hours of sailing without solar power.

The Prism uses NO GPS TECHNOLOGY and complies with the rules of any class that allows electronic compasses.

The Prism is now available for pre-order at major marine outfitters and online  right here. at  It will begin shipping to customers on April 16.

Whaddaya think?

Photo credit: Leslie Richter / Rockskipper Photography.


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Nice looking unit with big digits. Is the battery replaceable?

lars, have you looked at the cost of the Tactick Micro Compass lately? Same price. Competition is good for the market (might drive prices down eventually) and its nice to see a newer device with bigger screens and more modern electronics make an appearance. Am I personally going to rush out and buy one to replace my Tacktick? Probably not but I will take a close look at one in person and if the visibility is that much better, as they claim, I will give it serious thought.



So 10 gramms lighter than the micro...but no tactical information - I.e no memory no class is not forbidding this so I will not I have to remember the numbers...does not work ;-)



I was hoping for a Velocitek Pro update, but this unit is nice for Dinghy's and based on past experience you are paying for quality and aftermarket support. I assume the battery can be replaced by unscrewing a cover like on the Shift.

Ps - I have a new Shift which is surplus to my needs.



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So 10 gramms lighter than the micro...but no tactical information - I.e no memory no class is not forbidding this so I will not I have to remember the numbers...does not work ;-)
Check out this product for very easy to use memory and calculations: . It is available now.

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And "YES!" to big digits and improved visibility. This sketch isn't to 1:1 ratio but it is to scale and should make it pretty clear how much of an improvement the Prism is:


But don't take our word for it. Here's some of the feedback we received from high performance dinghy sailors who appreciate the improved visibility the Prism offers:

The Prism was really awesome to have onboard. In breezy conditions it can be hard to read a compass you’re low on the wire, but it wasn't hard to read the Prism. In some really tough conditions the compass kept up with our changes in angles and always gave us a reading we could rely on.

Stephanie Roble - 49erFX skipper, US Sailing Team Member, 2 x US Women’s Match Racing Champion, US Sailing Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year

I’ve been really impressed by this compass for two main reasons: One, the accuracy; when we turn it reflects it right away.  Two, it's a really large display that's easy to see from the trapeze and everywhere else on the boat. It has the information where I want it, when I want it.

Helena Scutt - Olympian (49erFX Crew), Nacra 17 Crew, US Sailing Team Member

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With most classes slowly allowing more and more GPS info, seems like they're late to the game?
Replaceable battery is enough to stomp tactic alone...

How is the screen with polarized lenses?




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@Roller Skates

Yes, more classes are allowing GPS devices but there still isn't an Olympic dinghy class which permits GPS.

The Prism's screens are a-OK with polarized lenses.



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You can get the nautilytics one for $335....  
Here's what you get for the extra $64 with the Velocitek Prism:

  1. Improved accuracy.
  2. Half the weight.
  3. Double the viewing angle.
  4. Twice the warranty from a company that:

    • Has been in business for 12 years. 
    • Supplies instruments to the America's Cup World Series.
    • Is an official supplier to the US Sailing Team.
    • Has been a member of 1% For The Planet since 2007, donating 1% of gross sales to environmental non-profits like Sailors for the Sea and Rozalia Project.
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With the Laser class very recently allowing digitizal compasses, I think you’re going to see a lot of Laser sailors with Prisms on their boat.

Granted, I’m biased since we sell their stuff... but Velocitek is a proven supplier, with excellent support and warranty policy.
They stand behind their stuff, and that is a huge thing with electronics on salty boats.

There are a couple other compasses on the market, and many products are good for customers.  But, Velocitek is great to work with, and I think the Prism is going to be the class leader in the market, very quickly.

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Summary and some commentary suggest this is viable for Lasers.  How would it mount?  Probably not to the rotating mast.  Probably not to the front wall of the cockpit.  To a bracket between the mast and cleats like some oil-filled compasses?  To the bow, somehow?



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Can you add an offset to the compass reading... if it's not mounted perfectly for instance? 



Have been thinking about replacing my Tacktick Micro on my Flying 15, not many options available though due to the rules but this has added another.



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As I get back into the Laser, I've had several thoughts as I have a looot of gear from my campaign. I still have tons of good old spec sails including practice.  But $400 for a digital compass? That doesn't show shifts? I think I'll just stick to my analog that doesn't take batteries and go for the carbon top section and a new sail. Damn.. 


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