Proposed amendment to YA Special Reg 3.25 Marine Radio

Ocean View

Some interesting reading for discussion here re communications while racing yachts.


There is technology available today that can enhance and support safety at sea. Vessels need to be able to effectively communicate with race organising authorities, base stations, commercial shipping

and marine search and rescue agencies.

The SR's are silent on other possible methods of communication such as EPIRB's, PLB's, AIS, GMDSS DSC, mobile phones and satellite phones, etc that, in 2011, are potentially viable alternatives or could be used instead of or in conjunction with existing radio systems.


There needs to be a more realistic approach to the YA SR's for marine radio given the range of communications technologies that are now available.

Yachts require a comprehensive communication package and this should include EPIRBs and PLBs as well as two way communication equipment.


There is now significant in-shore mobile phone coverage and sat phones are now a cost effective solution.



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