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ODell's hardware store , used to use this place when I lived near by.

Only been open 283 years.

The Ferry Inn Horning, I've used this place and often sail past it. It's not the same building, the Germans bombed it,
The licencee in 1500 was Mrs Gabbard,
It's on the site of the mead hall owned by the monks of st Benet's Abbey records go back to 1040. So they have been serving beer on the site for almost 1000 years.


This is after the bombing, in which 21 of the 24 in the bar were killed. Within a couple of days the owner was serving beer from a makeshift bar..
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I'm struck by the magnitude of reverence that the Brit's have for her. The closest thing we've ever seen to it was JFK. I cannot think of a single Political leader/Famous/Accomplished person in the USofA today, generating anything close to what we are seeing for Liz.
Speaks volumes about how far we have fallen. Celebrating the "sound bite" and "15 seconds of fame" instead of a life of quiet accomplishment.
The whole world could take more than one lesson from how she lived her life.


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Thats all wonderful, but these genocidal inbreds need to get the fuck outta ireland

There is that.

And the other turd in the punch bowl was the guy in Jamaica, I think it was, who could not mourn for the figurehead of a monarchy that sponsored and profited hugely on the slave trade and slave labor for centuries. Not to mention the Colonization ( conquering ) of many, many countries' native peoples, for monetary profit.

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earths surface
I think everyone one is queened and royaled out. But then again it’s Sunday in merca and the new nazis and the sane people generally watch a lot of NFL hurt your opponent if you can legally do it or get away with it football.


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Thats all wonderful, but these genocidal inbreds need to get the fuck outta ireland
The UK has no presence in Ireland, it's a separate nation. However, Northern Ireland is part of the UK and the majority of the population of Northern Ireland are happy about that - It's got a lot to do with religion and history. The UK is not occupying any part of Ireland, just so you know.


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Say what you will, but for what it was and had to be, I thought they did a great job. Like it or not, it was befitting of the last person who will occupy the throne for 70yrs. I'm happy to help plan Trump's funeral.

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I wonder if they used 5200 to seal the lead lined coffin?
Must be a fold over crimping technique lead does not bond to lead

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Triumph says "the UK has no presence in Ireland" which is absurd and false. At the end of the day, the facts show that the brits inflicted a genocide on the Irish, to add to their list of imperial misdeeds around the globe. One day, hopefully soon, a free united Ireland will exist and the redcoats will pack up and GTFO