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IMO there isn't any one best sailmaker. For custom sails, the results will vary more greatly based on the individual sailmaker/loft. Different technologies employed can make some sails better in some areas and worse in others. The main issue with that could be said that the sailmakers are recommending the wrong fabric or construction if the sail doesn't live up to an individuals expectations(too heavy, loses shape quickly, crap in light stuff) or they're just not putting in enough time and effort into the design and/or build.

One design stuff is a whole different ball game in sail selection. In well established classes the differences in sail shape tend to be quite small. The largest differences are found more based on prevaling conditions of where the sail was designed. After that is comes down to the preference of the skipper... X sail is known to have a very narrow groove but better point where Y sail is a bit more forgiving but points a degree or so lower than X.

That being said... Haarstick for downwind work, Quantum for all else...



This is less an objective and exhaustive search for the best sails, and a very big amount more some people trying to get some money off or their sailmaker out for a day.

Good luck blaggers...

the boat i sail on for the weekly beer can races still has sails that came with the boat... 20 years ago when it was made. But one of our recent additions has been one of those clear plastic mains from halsey (now uk halsey). We got it six years back when they were first testing out the idea. The loft said after one year the sail might blow up, but six years later its still goin strong.


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Sail Making

what sailmaker you think stands above the rest. Have fun.

I race Corsair F27 (aluminum fixed mast) and F31R (rotating carbon mast) trimarans. We do some round the cans but primarily middle distance. I have been on a number of the boats in the multihull fleet in the Northwest.

My experience so far:

Lower to middle speed ranges (0 - 10 or so to weather; 0 - 15 off the wind)

- Jib: North 3 DL

- Main: North 3DL

Middle to upper speed ranges (8 - 14 to weather; 12 - 24 off the wind)

- Jib: Calvert

- Main: Calvert or GM

Screecher (furling Genoa/Code 0 off bowsprit)

- Pointing: Smythe

- Reaching: North 3DL


- Downwind: North

- Reaching: Calvert

Generally the North shapes are better but the sails are a bit deep and easy to overrun at speed.




My old C15 I liked North Sails

My U20 - the West coast U20's have worked with Jay Glaser now of Glaser sails to develop the current sail shapes. He has done a great job sailing with the fleet and perfecting the shapes so much so that the sails just 4 years ago don't even look like they are for the same boat when compared to the new shapes. Not to mention they hand deliver the sails to us when we make the Trip to the San Diego NOOD. They have done well with a couple of other classes also. I plan on more Glaser sails in the future.

i've got a whole north set (main, #3, #2 ,2A, 3A,) pluss 1 Ullman spin and #1. They all work great in my opinion, though i havent had the boat long enough to see how well they'll hold up. IMO i think the string sails do not really accomplish their goal of being lighter on smaller boats anyway though, just look cooler.



1D35, San Francisco.

This new fleet is represented only by Quantum and North. Shapes are virtually identical, but the 3DL's (4DR now?) are about 30% lighter - anyone picking up the bag will recognize this immediately. Endurance and cost issues aside, who is going argue? "Gee, can you sign me up for those heavy ones for Nationals this year?".



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My suggestion: buy from the local guy who will stand behind the product and work with you (that includes racing with you) to hone the sail and boat tune up to their potential.

Personally I own and race an Antrim 27 and a Mercury in SF Bay / Monterey Bay (also crew on many other boats with all other brands) and Pineapple Sails have worked for me for over 20 years now (including previous boats).

Locally designed and built; only SF local sailmaker in continuous operation under the same logo and management for 30+ years now; and possibly the only sailmaker I've met with an advanced degree in science. Bonus points for never being one to negative sell the competition and frequenting regattas / clubs, having a beer and happy to chat about sailing no matter who you buy sails from.

Great folks.





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New Jersey
Western LIS--J/29 MHOB ----Quantum Fusion--Dave Armitage designs (Q-Newport)--fastest sails in the fleet---- Q's have won the N/A's 5 years in a row



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Sail Soverel 33 in Long Island Sound. We just bought it a few months back and have to buy ALL new sails (Main, 155%, #3, VMG Spin, A-Sym Spin). Shopped it out and Got prices from everyone (North, UK, Quantum, Neil Pryde).

All were very close in price on the paneled sails. We wanted String sails on the Main and 155% and were going to go with North in Milford and take a shot at the 3DR's as North really wants to get them out racing they lowered the cost to that of their paneled sails. I called my rep at North who I have worked with for the last 6 years and he informed me that the 3DR machine is not doing what it is supposed to do and rather than put out a product that is not perfect they stopped the process. Now before everyone starts their North bitch they have spent more on that one machine's R&D than probably all of the other sail makers put togther (slight exaggeration but not too far off). Anyway he tells me not to worry and he will make it right by lowering the price of the 3DL's to that of the 3DR (which was lowered to what a paneled sail cost) so we got 3DL's for the cost of paneled sails.

North has the best in product and has done lots of R&D in the class w/Dennis and Benj and the loft in Milford is the best in service. My sales rep picks up my sails that need work at my house and drops them off. They definitely stand above the rest.


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Thing is, I'd buy North for the tech/material angle, but the guys at the loft down here don't seem to give a sh*t, so I go with Boston/Doyle. At least they answer phone calls.


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For my 1978 Ranger 22 in East Texas, UK-Halsey Texas in Seabrook. Pedro Gianotti was very helpful. I don't know about service, haven't needed it yet.