R.I.P. Laurie Davidson

That's a shame. But I knew in his early '90's maybe? We didn't swap Xmas cards or anything but knew over the years. This shot (mine) is at the '78 3/4 worlds with the first purple "Pendragon". Pretty radical on the day when we were building pintailish IOR designs by Mull, Peterson etc.

Laurie to the right during measurements being done.

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Born in Dargaville, NZ in 1926. He was 94 with his birthday looming on Dec12th


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So sad to hear.

I think I told you how thoughtful and kind Laurie was during the 1995 Cup in San Diego. My father had been inactive with racing for 20 years or so and was marveling at Black Magic's underbody and foils. Mr. Davidson spent 20 minutes explaining advances in yacht design and answering all of my father's questions. Truly a gentleman!
I was there too at '95. Inside the box for the actual AC. After a few legs I thought this might very well be over. The next day I wondered into TNZ compound and Laurie, Alan Sefton and my buddy Trev Berry were having lunch at the Gas Dock across from the compound. I bluntly asked Laurie that you guys aren't really not having the clutch on now are you? Laurie looked at me, looked at Alan and Trev and said: "We'll see". Being a little cheeky I think. Bellow is my shot inside the compound after the first race. By race 3 I knew that this was a rout and packed up my stuff and headed to airport for home. 

Thank you Laurie for a memory that will last for a lifetime for me. Sail on Laurie!   





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He drew many fast boats but just as importantly they looked damn sexy just standing still.

A firm proponent of the they have to sail well and look right school of yacht design.

SAIL ON Laurie, you had to shout cause he couldn’t hear to well the last few years.



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Emotional Rescue at Westhaven today, Laurie drew fine looking yachts.


whoops doubled up the download :rolleyes:

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Everyone remembers the picture of Starlight Express jumping off a wave in Bass Straight by Richard Bennett.

loved the Davidson 34’s.

always drew nice looking boats.

go hard.



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Very sad news.

I appreciate all those contributors who are pulling out Fotos from the legendary designs, which Laurie did. Keep em coming.

Thanks and R.I.P Laurie

(just an admirer of his designs)


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