R2AK 2022


I might have missed it, but I don't think I've seen a thread yet for what will hopefully be a return to the PNW's best adventure race. 

R2AK 2022

Who's going? What's happening? Will the American government open the border so Canadians can participate? Put it all here. 


The boat born here on SA is finally heading (quickly, we hope) to Ketchikan. Amurskya Flying Tiger 10 from Nelson BC. Kootenay Pedalwheelers 

Dual Pedal Drives


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Found this over in Multihull Anarchy.  Thought it might be of interest here:

Free Boat, well suited for R2AK

I know, the 2 worst words in the English language.  :)

anyway, L7, needs some (of course) TLC, all carbon Forte rotating mast, Gunter rig, boom.  Mast has a ding in it towards the top.  New Sails- main and free flying drifter.  Starboard hull has a crack in the paint at the bow.  It wasn’t there 2 weeks ago, appeared a week ago, we didn’t go out sailing, boat was tied well, and I get to her at least twice a week.  Dyneema shrouds, postmodern thimbles, etc etc.  Fairly new Phil’s Foils DB.  EZLoader trailer that needs new brake battery, some cleaning, has been in salt water once.  Current tabs trailer & boat.

I’m willing to show her if you wear an n95.  She’s at Friday harbor marina, d8 & 9.  (Yes she’s 16’ wide and has a double berth).

If someone doesn’t take her soon, I’m going to put her into an IOR landfill, so I don’t want any grief.  She goes as is.  And remember, free.

Why?  Too many boats.  


Found this over in Multihull Anarchy.  Thought it might be of interest here:

Free Boat, well suited for R2AK
Boat has been claimed.  As I said over in MA, I wish I had more to give away.  Also, as I mused over there, aren’t the L7 pan molds over in Pt Townsend?  Seems the pans could be the basis for a multitude of trimarans of different shapes above the water line, just add 1/4” ply, beams, foils, and rigs.

Awesome! Look forward to meeting you in Port Townsend. Are you hoping to turn left or right leaving Victoria Harbour? Or is that a well protected strategic secret? Team Pedalwheelers still pondering, though life raft etc ready to go (and hopefully never deployed)!

We have the offshore SER to go either route.  The conditions at start will predict our route.  Outside is tempting, but so is a path 32 nm shorter to Bella...just have to make certain tide gates.