R2AK 2022

Russell Brown

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Here's a short one of this year's crossing to Victoria. We weren't in the race but it seemed like it would be fun to cross with everyone. Sorry, no footage of when it got rough.


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Only eighteen seconds? The R2AK was clearly not a media event for remote spectators, you had to be there.

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So looks like the Flying Tiger, Soverell 33 & Riptide 44 went outside. Hero or Zero??
Just finally catching up with the race after finishing it LOL. Three outsiders finished 1, 2 and 6 (our FT didn’t have moveable water ballast like the other two boats and DID suffer a rudder delamination that necessitated a 12-hour repair stop. Good times.
But the FT 10 and Sov are going the same way and thy are showing 9.36 and 7.93 miles respectively, which is about right given their locations. So something else is wrong with P&W's distance.

Will be a slow slog for these boats right as they are fighting a large flood. Max flood at Race Passage is shown as 6+ knots at 4 pm and they are shown as being near or in Race Passage right now: http://www.dairiki.org/tides/daily.php/rac

I think the FT 10 may be doing the right thing going outside Race Passage while it looks like P&W is trying to punch through. Although once through, P&W can hug the Canadian shore for current relief.
We actually found a back eddy line right between the floods circling Race Rocks. Then as we got closer, we had to ferry across the flood till we got outside the worst of it.
I've been up here cruising this week on a chartered condomaran. Managed to get to Victoria for the start. Pretty inspiring. Got lots of pictures of this year's pedal drives if there's interest.

One observation I have is that the huge tides this last week have put more logs in the water than I've ever seen. My PNW experience doesn't match others that call this their home waters, but this is pretty bad. Lots of manoeuvering required to avoid collisions. These logs might have been reason enough for me to take the outside route if I was going this year.
Definitely factored into our game-day decision to turn right!