Race Day 2


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Let's see the pics.
I'll get to it when I'm done studying for the stupid exam I have in the morning, she's got 3000 pics from this weekend, not particularly well-indexed. I forgot how to study, but apparently not how to procrastinate.

As for the incident, regardless of what the pics I find, we were, as you probably saw, less than 60 feet from the gates. I saw overlap well before the 2 BL circle. Not the bow, but the sprit for sure. SailRacer, yes the onus is on the boat trying to claim overlap - but it was pretty obvious to everyone on the boat, most of whom were racers. I didn't write about it until it was apparent there was no red flag, and I probably would have avoided writing about it if there was, but like i said, to us it was obvious. If you saw it differently, I understand - but it's amazing how much more clear rules issues are when you're sitting on a power boat just outside the gates.



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I really didn't get to see much of it because I was on the bow of the Hendo preparing to douse the chute. All I know is it was an intense rounding for us and LF stalled just before they got to the mark.



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I must admit that I was busy trimming the chute, snack-tating , grinding in main for rounding, and final jib trim.

the fact that the 2 boatlength starts at 2 x our 40' boat plus any length of the prod (8')? so that might equal 96 feet and at speed reaching some would say (Dave Perry) the circle was larger.

Photos show the hendo outside of us. Either way it was interesting as I used to race on the Melges 30 Lighthorse and am aware of how those type of boats can squirt (for lack of a better term).

Please pm me if you have good picks. It was a FULL weekend of action for me 'multi-tasking'on a J120.

Sail Safe!

P.S. Who wants to crew with tonight on the Lake of Norman?



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Mr. Clean,

The picture of the African American sailor on Big Sky is in the Photo Forum under More CRW Inshore Pics. Hope you enjoyed CRW and come back next year. _/)



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charlotte , nc
[sail Safe!

P.S. Who wants to crew with tonight on the Lake of Norman?

ummm...pass!! Heading to Bald Head Island tomorrow. I am doing RC a bunch for the Wed Night series though. Clean is right about things look so clear from chase / crew / RC boat.

How's the house coming or that taboo here? You have so many rules...