Race to Alaska--R2AK 2015

Jake Beattie at the Northwest Maritime center has come up with this crazy stunt, probably just to get attention or something. . .but I figure some of y'all might actually be mental enough to consider participating in it.

The rules are pretty simple: 750 miles from Port Townsend to Ketchikan up the inside. Starting gun 8am on June 4. Self-contained with no support and no motors--to weed out the sissies, obviously. Pretty much everything else is up to you. Choice of boat, choice of timing, choice of route, beyond passing through a couple of mandatory waypoints. Winner gets $10k. Second place gets a set of steak knives.

Even if you have no interest in participating in this foolhardy suicide pact, at least check out this sweet, sweet promotional video, starring a certain dashing sailor and his remarkably photogenic sail & oar boat. :D



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....and no I can't open the page to see how this is excluded.

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There are more than a few Water Tribe members who would do this. Heck a few of them have done the Yukon 1000 and the Ultimate Florida (granted FL is warmer and more populated). I would consider it but not in my Nomad. There is a lot of logistical issues with that course. A lot of prep would need to be done.



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No motor and up the inside?

I wanna set up a grandstand at seymour narrows and sell tickets. The carnage will be epic. Popcorn will be complimentary.

Has anyone told him about the currents there?

No motors and up the inside has been done for hundreds of years. It merely takes the kind of judgement and seamanship that some of you decadent modern sailors have never bothered to develop. It's far easier to sit on your fat ass and twist a throttle than to figure it out or learn how to row.

But of course, some of those guys who have been racing in the warm and placid waters of Florida with one sixth the tidal range are gonna leave some square-cornered turds floating in that 10-14kt flood current through Seymour. That might very well be fun to watch.


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I'm not sure I understand. This race seems to be geared toward small row/sail boats and it makes some sense to have the ability to row up some areas of the inside where there is often little to no wind. But the rules say nothing about the course. I've been up and down from Ketchikan several times on fishing boats both inside and outside and I recall June is often a fairly mild month for weather. How can the small boats averaging 2-4 knots compete with, for example, fully crewed 60' yacht running up the outside averaging maybe 6-8 knots? Of course getting to the dock without a motor could be a problem with a larger boat but is carrying a dingy aboard your yacht to help get in and out of port against the rules? It's nice they made the rules real simple but perhaps some clarification is required when 10 grand is on the line.



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Well that would be a few hours wasted getting it loose and carting it off somewhere, but for $10,000 I could do it and run 24/7 with a crew, food, water, hot food, hot water, and a dry place to sleep. Not that sailing like 9,000 miles to get to the start would be worth the $10K, but if I was there...........

OK - I actually went and read the rules.

Are you a kayaker extraordinaire? An ocean rower? A paddler on a First Nation racing canoe? Do you feel like yanking the engine out of your yacht and rolling the dice? We’re ok with all of these -and most other wingnut ideas you might have. Just no engines- not even “just in case”. Size of boat doesn’t matter and you can bring as many crew as you want as long as all of them are on for the whole race- no switching out. Route choice and boat selection are key strategies of R2AK. But remember:Apparently they ARE cool with anything up to a square rigged ship going as long as there is no engine. I think the only way the "small boats" have a chance is if there is either no wind or no one wants to go through the PITA of taking their engine out. In my case it is a couple hours work but many boats are much harder.

Is this for small boats or can I go and just not run the engine?
The rules say you have to remove the engine if it has one.
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and anyone doing this one in a sailboat, should stick around and do the Spirit of Adventure race if they still do it.

CIrcumnavigate Admiralty Island with a stopover at Baranoff Hot Springs... fun trip.

. . .with a crew, food, water, hot food, hot water, and a dry place to sleep.
Good god! What a fucking pussy! Don't you have any sense of adventure at all? Are you also gonna bring your mommy to tuck you in at night? A real sea dog wouldn't bother with any of that shit. You can get water by rowing with your mouth open during the incessant rain storms, and pluck limpets off the rocks for food while waiting for the tide to change through the pinches. Why don't you sack up, "sailor"?

And is anyone going to offer the traditional newbie greeting to Mr. Hamhocks here? Or do I have to do everything, including starting this awesome thread? For Pete's sake!



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Don't be such a wuss James, you limpet eating master marriner you! Welcome Hamhocks yourself.



Here is my crew for the race;


I've got better photos of her that will have to wait until tomorrow!


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