Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures


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My eldest daughter got taught the 100 years' war firstly in an English school then in a French one, after that she was a bit confused and couldn't work out who were the villains and the good ones. I solved the issue by telling here that war is a dirty business and all sides are villains. 
The War of 1812 has to be the most retarded war ever.

Congress finally declared war on Britain, with impeccably bad timing: Just a few days earlier, the British foreign minister had decided to rescind the policy towards American trade that had caused all of the hullabaloo to begin with.

We also managed to lose most land engagements until after the war ended and THEN finally kicked some British ass when it didn't matter :rolleyes:



The Rib wihj the 30 hp outboard was doing nothing. Didn't you notice the 2 green Oldport Marine boats that were pushing the ship off of the 12 Meters? I was driving one of them. They both have 100 hp Yanmar diesel engines, and we were barely able to push them off. Fortunately, we were able to push the ship around the corner and kept the 12's from being crunched. By the way, the ship did drop an anchor at one point, without any warning, I was pushing on the bow at the time and it just missed my boat!


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From my short but undistinguished career as an War of 1812 re-enactor of the Battle of Lake Erie 

I'm the drunk on the left . . 




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Just an offhand uninvolved comment: pulling lines requires someone competent on the vessel being pulled tendering and securing a line.  In this situation confidence in the crew's ability to be effective is already in doubt.  Assuming someone aboard could throw a line and effectively convey it to the launches (big assumption) what would be the odds that 1)it's tied off properly? 2) it's led through a chock and not, say, over stanchions?  Pushing doesn't require skill on the part of the vessel being helped. Your mileage may vary.
That and the fact that we were by ourselves on the green boats doing the pushing. No way could we have towed that huge thing in those tight quarters in 35 mph winds and I sure as hell wasn't going to risk getting a tow line wrapped in my wheel. Things were moving way too quickly to tie off, pushing allows you to bail out or change position quickly. By the way, in case you didn't notice, we kept the ship off of the irreplaceable 12 meter Amrrica's Cup sailboats and prevented them from being crushed. We also softened the impact of the ship hitting the other boats. There was only minor damage to the 4 boats that were hit. 



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So it is a NEW (2016) $16mm frigging 100+ foot replica boat.  Who's decision was it to not put a damn bow thruster on that thing if it was going to be maneuvering in close quarters??  Dumb.  The non profit chick at the end looked like she had absolutely no clew what could have happened.  Kindergarten teacher pressed into service running the non profit comes to mind.  WOW