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Reminds me, back around 1977, I'm  26 and living with my gf in a SoCal beach town and the next door neighbor is a scary old cat lady, maybe 80 years old, named Pinky. Pinky grocery shopped every afternoon and there was always a pint of vodka in her shopping cart. Most evenings she would wander around the neighborhood clapping her hands and screaming 'Here Sammy, come on Sammy-bo" at the top of her lungs with her gravel pit voice. Sambo the cat never came, but she got a peek in all the neighbors' windows while walking through their yards. Most of the neighbors didn't like her. We became good friends.

One afternoon she calls and says her daughter is visiting, would I like to come over for cocktails and to meet her? Her daughter was Amanda Blake (Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke fame, which IIRC just went into syndication after a very long run) so was still pretty well known. I was just out the door to go for an after work surf but said sure, just one quick drink.

I walk in and Pinky makes the introductions then leaves the room to fix me a drink. It's just me and Amanda sitting uncomfortably alone in the living room struggling to make conversation. Finally I blurt out, and this is rich,  'I always wondered if your mole was real!'


She sits upright, takes careful aim at me with her eyes and says"It's a BEAUTY MARK!"

That pretty much wrapped up conversation between us so when Pinky returned I slammed my drink and ran. So much for my first brush with Hollywood glitz and glamor.

Beauty marks still make me cringe when I see them.
You knew Amanda Blake's mother?

Damn you are old.  ;)


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